Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Another PWE Roundup


Cards from @CardBuzz @BoRosny and more... on a Tuesday! 

It was a busy and thrilling sports day in the Cards on Cards household, with Damian Lillard becoming just the second player in NBA history to score 60 or more points three different times in the same season as he continues to keep his team in playoff contention and the Portland Timbers winning a thing. There's still a little bit of time tonight to talk baseball cards, however, so let's dig in.

First up is a few more cards for the Turkey Red 2020 project, courtesy of Card Buzz. I continue to be fascinated by the backgrounds used in this set. Aaron Nola appears to be pitching in front of a sunset amidst some sort of nothingness void.

The onslaught of loaded PWEs continues from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bo managed to (safely) cram 15 cards into one of these envelopes this time, which has to be a record for me. He even made room for Backwards Cap Jimmy!

More Edmonds here, as he's featured on a much classier Donruss Classics design from 2005.

Next up is the Hall of Famer Larry Walker on the virtually unscannable Leaf Certified Materials set, also from 2005.

Bo also sent two different "1st Bowman" Jake Woodford cards, both of which were new to me. Woodford has been on the outer cusp of making the active roster for awhile now, but he's yet to be called upon to join the big club.

The final envelope of the night came from Dodger fan and HOFer collector gcrl. He also sent a few Turkeys, though they are from the 2000s (still needed!)

This Lou Brock card from 2015 Stadium Club is one of the best photos in a set full of great ones. This is still far and away my favorite set of the recent Stadium Club revival run, and part of me wishes that I didn't give up on collecting it so easily.

More 2020 Heritage needs were found in the envelope as well, including this card of top tier National League pitchers.

I've had a lot of luck pulling short print cards from the flagship Topps set this year, including one Cardinals pull (Junior Fernandez). This Paul Goldschmidt becomes my second of these photo variations to enter my collection, which is nice.

We end things with a special All-Star Game stamped card of Big City. I found a few of these in a repack thing not too long ago, which makes me wonder if the same thing happened to gcrl.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Even More Breaks

Another @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay is loaded with autographs. 

While I was fortunate this week to find some unopened baseball cards in the wild, most of my purchases in the last six months or so have come in the form of group breaks. Last week, another box showed up from Crackin' Wax with the latest results of a week of breaks.


The 2015 Bowman "Asia Edition" was an intriguing slot to buy, mostly because it contains a bunch of exclusives that you can normally only find in... well... Asia. I ended up with two of these black refractor prospect cards.

As promised, there were autographs, like this one of a guy who didn't make it past his age 24 season and topped out in the mid-minors. Still, it's a start!

I have all of the Series 2 that I need (except for those pesky Turkey Reds, of course), but I still snagged a spot for... reasons? I'm not sure. I did get this gold Jordan Hicks parallel and an autograph for my randomly assigned team.

It's interesting that this is a Series 2 card and Trent Grisham is still shown with his former team instead of the Padres. I guess it's because of the length of time needed to get the player to sign the cards (no sticker!) This is headed to my trade box.

I'm always interested in Topps Gold Label, because the cards just look really nice. I believe this was the final Class 1 card I needed from the 2017 product.

Even better is this chunky gold framed Aledmys Diaz autograph, which is numbered to just 75. Amazingly, I already had a Luke Weaver card in this format. These are very luxurious looking, with a solid metal border all the way around the card.

Topps brought back their homage to the T206 set once again this year, only as an online product. I skipped out on the first wave of these because there were no Cardinals in the set at all, but wave two includes Stan the Man and The Wizard.

I ended up with two different Ozzies (one is a Piedmont back), but there was nothing really fancy to see here. These cards are much thinner than the 206 revival from around a decade ago, and all of the cards are tobacco mini-sized.

Rounding things out is easily my top acquisition of the year. Sure, it's a sticker auto, but it's a really nice fancy high end card that includes a bat chunk and everything. I'm not usually much of a Tier One kind of collector, so I was really excited to get this because I probably won't have many opportunities to do something like this again.

I also get to add this to my stash of custom cards of online card people. It's not signed, though. What's up with that?

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Free Stuff (Weekend): Vol 8


Back with more stuff. #FreeStuffFriday UPDATED 08/10/2020 7:26 PM PST 

I was too bummed about baseball (and the Cardinals, obviously) to do my promised Free Stuff Friday post yesterday, so it here it is. Think of it as a Free Stuff Weekend. If there's enough response, maybe I'll add some more stuff tomorrow? We'll see!

The rules are the same as always, but if you're new, here it goes. To claim something, you just need to send/have sent something to me (like, just one card is fine) in this calendar year. That's really all I'm looking for. I have want lists. Lots of stuff, I want.

First up is a bunch of cards from the brand new 2020 Topps 206 (wave 2) set. Clearly I had the A's in my break. CLAIMED: Henderson (Piedmont) x2

Two of the Rickeys are 'Piedmont' backs.

I thought my mini page would all scan as one thing, but it didn't. CLAIMED: Musial, Henderson, Howard

The Shih Tzu is pretty adorable.

Some extra Ginters. CLAIMED: Shih Tzu, Dunant
Let me know if you need card numbers.
Get your Tatis cards here. CLAIMED: All the Tatis?!
I believe these are all from Series 2.
So many doubles already, and I've barely cut down my want list. CLAIMED: Glasnow, Williams, Ryan, Bieber, Rivera, Gwynn
Some odd shaped ones and a couple of Orange Big League parallels.
A couple of shiny Chrome cards here. These didn't really fit a particular theme, though. CLAIMED: Carew, NL Wins Leaders, Spahn, AL WHIP Leaders, Roberts, Manush

Mostly familiar names here. CLAIMED: Ball, Durant, Embiid, Curry, Towns

Hosmer is a refractor.
Sunday 8/9 Update: I added more! CLAIMED: Cain, Harper MVP, Crosley Field, Harper DK

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Down on the Farm: The 2001 Memphis Redbirds

My first 2001 Albert Pujols card and more. 

My pace of buying up minor league team sets has slowed a bit, but I still have some scans to look at from one I was eager to grab a couple of months ago. This one includes a few more recognizable names than you'd expect for a nearly twenty year old set, including an iconic Cardinals player who was far and away their player of the decade in the 2000s.

Sort of a low rent Fredbird, although he looks a lot more like an actual cardinal.

It's nearly impossible for me to find a rookie year Pujols card in my price range, and for what I paid for this complete team set on eBay, I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find any single 2001 Pujols card priced as cheap. It makes me wonder if this wasn't just listed poorly. 
The man of the hour, although it's not his best look.

This set was sponsored by Post, so it may have been a stadium giveaway at one point. A lot of times, the stadium giveaway sets can command a premium over a regularly issued minor league team set, but it probably depends on player selection more than anything. Albert Pujols only spent a brief time with Memphis, and of course famously made the big club out of spring training in 2001.
The uniform is dirty as you'd expect.

From the Great Name Hall of Fame to the present day Cardinals coaching staff comes the legendary Stubby Clapp.
A nice action shot of the former NFL quarterback.

Chad Hutchinson didn't last long as an MLB player, as is well documented. His name doesn't get brought up all that often when talking about guys who played both football and baseball.
Not actually signed, but it's a nice looking card.

There was a bonus card of Bud Smith, who was a big exciting prospect at the time. The box breakers and retail flippers would have gone nuts over him back in the day, if such a thing actually existed. 
Another rare excellent action shot in a minor league set.

I'll be on the lookout for the next minor league team set deal. Let me know if you've got any leads!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Announcements and a Few Pickups

A few things. 
Thanks to a USPS shipping supplies delivery that took more than a month to arrive, I've finally managed to ship out all of the stuff claimed from Free Stuff Fridays over the summer. That means I feel like I can finally do another round. Look for another post this Friday, hopefully.
Erin complained that this photo is really blurry.

After months with no cards on the shelves except Magic and Pokemon, my local Target finally created a tiny little endcap with some new baseball cards on it. I picked up a couple of 2020 Topps Series 2 hanger boxes, as these provide the most bang for your buck if you're a Turkey Red collector. I've made a little dent in the Series 2 checklist, but of course would appreciate any help from anyone who happens to have some extras.
This will probably be heading off to Bob Walk the Plank.

Each box had a short print (is this a thing? I feel like I've pulled at least a half dozen SPs from the 2020 flagship sets) and each also had a numbered card. The Hoskins bubble-blower will likely be headed to bubble-blowing enthusiast Bob, but I don't have anyone in mind for the Kaline yet.
There's nothing more American than Mendick.

I probably need to at least partially walk back what I said about Independence Day themed cards of late. This one lacks appeal to me because it doesn't have that special retro cardfeel to it. Cardfeel is a word I'm going to force into all of the dictionaries, by the way. This is numbered to just 76 copies, though. It's also a rookie card, so that's something.

The second announcement is that I'm going to finally be doing my second Pandemic Panic PWE Free* Group Break of the year. I have been waiting for something interesting (and cheap) to open and distribute since I started one out of boredom back in May. This will have similar rules as the last. I'll have a sign-up post going as soon as I find one more thing to supplement what I found today.

This is also my first post since Google forced its latest Blogger update on me. I'll get used to it, hopefully.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Retired Players and Prospects

Another PWE roundup features two more envelopes from @BoRosny and another Cardinals collector. 

It's Monday night, so it must be time to check out some more small piles of cards from small packages. Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life! is back again with twice the envelope fun. I just picked out a few things that he sent, all of which featured Cardinals players who are no longer in the game.

This J.D. Drew card is from one of those early '00s Upper Deck sets that used the original 1989 design. I think it's 2002 UD Authentics? Thirteen years doesn't seem like a ton of time to get totally nostalgic about something, except that at this point I'm feeling very nostalgic for 2019.

It's the former All-Star shortstop on the always sharp looking blue bordered 2003 Topps Chrome. If I wasn't trying to stop building sets altogether, I'd probably try to talk myself into building this one, even if it would cost me a fortune. So, yeah... horrible idea.

A young So Taguchi makes an appearance here. Of course, Taguchi entered MLB for the first time in his age 32 season, but he is looking rather youthful here nonetheless.

To top things off from Bo, here's a trio of 1977 Topps card needs. If you're ever looking for something to send me, check my pre-'80s needs. I still need a lot of them because I never made it a priority in my collecting goals for a really long time. Also, even if I do have one of those cards, many of them could use an upgrade.

From All Cardinals All The Time comes more new 2020 Bowman cards to knock off a few more needs. I've mentioned recently that I like what they did with the borders here, and this Nolan Gorman card is another example of this. I think they used this pattern on other parallels as I know I have a "camo paper" parallel that uses the same thing.

These were the last of the "prospects" cards I needed from this set. All I need now are all of the various parallels and a handful of inserts... kind of like a lot of the team sets I've been working on for years!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Finest

A #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax flashes back to The Finest and more. 

Before I get into things, I want to throw out a disclaimer for the days going forward. I'm going to try and not talk about the 2020 MLB season like it's a season any longer, for reasons that are beyond obvious. If it was up to me, all sports would have been cancelled through the rest of 2020 for everyone's safety. But baseball tried to start things up anyway and toyed with my emotions, and is now on the brink of collapse again. (Also, the rule changes suck and suck some more, but that's not really my point here.) Obviously, the Cardinals are now center stage in what seems headed to an awkward shut down any day now (I've felt this coming since last Monday, of course.) I am still doing the card thing, though, but I'll try to talk about the past when I talk about the players.

I'm glad that's off my chest now! Let's say hello to some brand new cards acquired through some breaks at Crackin' Wax. First up is a new Topps product that pays tribute to the original Topps Finest design from 1993. I couldn't afford Topps Finest then and I can't really afford it now, but one of the things I appreciate about Crackin' Wax is how this stuff wasn't marked up a whole lot just because the prices shot up a whole lot after he bought the boxes.

You probably know the design, and it looks nice here.

I ended up with 3 out of the 7 cards from the base set, so I'll probably start hunting down the rest unless there's another secret stash of reasonable priced boxes of this stuff still to be opened (ha!)

More brand new stuff! This is my first look at Panini's 2020 Donruss Optic. It looks like what you would expect it to look like as it's basically Donruss Chrome.

I was able to pull (by proxy) a numbered parallel of the Cardinals only significant offseason signing in KK.

This one is a silver/holo/Prizm parallel of good ol' Matt Carpenter. It looks like a miniature red baseball is about to hit him in the gut.

I signed up for some older stuff, too. I'm almost always in right now whenever it's a 2018 or 2014 product, for a chance to pick up a Jack Flaherty rookie year or first pro year card. I was fortunate enough to land one I didn't have here with this red and yellow parallel.

And throwing things back to 2014, I picked up an Allen Craig refractor. Craig was excellent during the Matheny years, but he fizzled out even before his manager did.

To top things off, I also picked up a light blue refractor of Kolten Wong's rookie card, numbered to 199. I like it!