Friday, March 12, 2004

2012 Triple Play

Erin is collecting the 2012 Triple Play set. Send me an email if you have any to spare.

Want List:

(Hall of Fame)
275 Nolan Ryan
279 Tony Gwynn
281 Al Kaline
282 Willie McCovey
(When I Was A Kid)
292 Jacoby Ellsbury
293 Ichiro
(Real Feel)
297 Real Feel Pants
298 Real Feel Glove
299 Real Feel Batting Glove

[updated 12/1/15]


The Angels In Order said...

I can use #38 Haren and #122 Pujols Puzzle. I'll see what I can send in return.

The Angels In Order said...

I have #250, and stickers 3 and 8 to send you. I'll throw in some other stuff from your wants as well.