Monday, April 26, 2010

Heartbreaking Surprise

Here's just a quick post tonight, coming after a nice comeback Cardinals victory over the Braves. I don't often get to listen to the Cardinals radio broadcasts, but tonight ended up being a special occasion due to a conflict in TV viewing interests. Last month (has it really been that long?) I received a surprise package from Matt of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius fame. I have yet to get my act together and send off my package for him, but I will soon. The man has rather broad collecting interests (he is the one behind APTBNL after all) so why don't you send him some cards instead of reading this silly blog.

This 2004 Fan Favorites card officially becomes my best Hungo card. This is mostly because several of the Hrabosky cards I own are pretty thrashed, and I really like the Fan Favorites sets. I wish they could put something like this out nowadays.

Yadi was a big hero tonight, scoring the tying run on rookie Bryan Anderson's double after stealing second base in the 7th and then providing the winning run on an RBI ground rule double in the 8th.

Here's a lousy card for a Cardinals fan to have. Just read the caption. I'm not going to talk about it further. The worst thing is that I think this is actually a double, and I've never bought a pack of this junk before. (Don't stop sending me these cards, though. I'm sure I'll never collect them all.)

I continue to be baffled by 1997 Fleer, which seems to have been made out of reycled cardboard lining from toilet paper rolls and leftover flakes of gold glitter that girls stop using when they grow up. I'm actually thinking about trying to find a box.

I like minor league cards. I love goofy minor league cards. Just the name does it for me here.


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