Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Updates and Some Community Gum

Hey! The Ducks won the Rose Bowl! Hey! The Blazers are off to an impressive 4-1 start! Things are looking up at Cards on Cards Central, even with the fun of the Cardinals World Series run still fresh in mind.

Here's an update on the bowl pick 'em contest before I get to some cards I received from a big Community Gum group break. 'The Belk Bowl is Best' (defending champion Stats on the Back) is in the lead with just a handful of games remaining, but The Lost Collector is sitting in the best position right now with the most possible maximum points. Meanwhile, a number of people unfortunately failed to make picks for all of the games, leaving 'GRAVITRON' by Joseph as a near-lock to take worst place.

As mentioned, there are cards to be posted about, cards such as this nifty Topps Laser card featuring a smoldering Dennis Eckersley.

I still don't understand the Topps Tek concept, nor do I really want to. The cards are fun, though. I wonder how someone could think that it wasn't economically, let alone environmentally, feasible to continue to produce cards like these en masse.

It's really odd to see what's essentially a 1991 Topps common card get the refractor treatment, but that's exactly what we have here. I wish we could get a real Topps Archives or Fan Favorites set instead of what Topps is apparently planning to roll out next year as some sort of insert.

Can I just say that I'm not a fan of this Topps Gallery design? Okay. Moving along...

What's better than a bunch of Topps products saturating the market? How about a Topps product combining a bunch of their already existing products in one big confusing heap of a set!

More refractored junk wax, this time featuring The Wizard.

DramaTEK. I get it!


Red Turkey Red Cardinal cards might be the best cards in all of the land. Just sayin'.


Play at the Plate said...

Eck is en fuego!

Chunter said...

I have the Jose Canseco Topps Tek card. Overproduced player in a weird set.

Anonymous said...

Wait, GRAVITRON is a near lock for last place? What am I, chopped liver? I worked hard for my score, and a second year of last place is in my sights!

Thanks, Big 10