Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why Are Envelopes So Expensive?

The latest roundup of cards I've received in increasingly more expensive little white wrappers.

I'm going to sound like the guy that complains about the size of candy bars these days, and airline peanuts and the decline of the service industry and all of that. I swear it used to only cost a buck or two to get yourself a whole box full of envelopes. Even with the advent of peel-'n'-stick envelopes (I don't want to suffer the same fate as Susan on Seinfeld), I never expected to be forking over so much money for the things. I guess that's what happens when it's been decades since I've written someone a proper letter. Snail mail, feh!

I've received a few PWEs in the past several weeks and thought I'd bundle them up in one package here. First up is a few cards I received, all very much needed, from Fantastic Catch. Superduperman99 is a fellow Cardinals fan, and Cardinals fans are always fun to trade with.

I haven't bought a single pack of 2013 Bowman Platinum, and I'm guessing not many others that I trade with have done the deed, based on the how few cards I've acquired from this set. This is a nice little gold parallel. I've never been a fan of Bowman Platinum and its difficult to decipher parallel scheme, but I'm always interested in taking on new Cardinals cards.

Next up is one of those "Take My Cards" dealies from Crackin' Wax. I snagged a single Allen & Ginter insert plus a few base cards from the latest Topps Chrome set. Crackin' Wax has a birthday giveaway going on this week, so you should probably get on over there.

I was very fortunate to get this Wacha rookie card as part of my "Take My Cards" haul before the hype train arrived. Actually, I think it was probably pulling into the station just about the time that this card was heading into its envelope. Nice!

This card actually has a fairly standard width, but Google/Blogger (Glogger?) does weird things to my images. This is an insert from this year's Panini Cooperstown set, something I know absolutely nothing about because I don't really pay attention to the non-licensed sets. That being said, this is great! Who doesn't love a circular-shaped Whitey card? Sports Cards from the Dollar Store sent this over, along with some great stuff from other sports. Not pictured are some Ducks NFL cards that will likely be saved for a future Good Luck Ducks post.

The other sport represented was the great game of basketball. The Blazers are off to a terrific start this season, with the best record in the West through nearly a quarter of a season. So there's hope, right? I finally made it down to my first game of the season last night to see Portland knock off Indiana, the team with the best overall record in the NBA. It was a thrilling game in what is hopefully part of a thrilling season. All I know is that it's been great so far, and that's all that matters right now.

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