Monday, October 27, 2014


Trying to make sense of where the cruelties of life intersect with a game played with a stick and a ball.

I wasn't able to find the words to say about the awful car wreck that took the life of Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend yesterday, and I'm not sure that I've got them now. It's weird and sad... and embarrassing... and sad again. Embarrassing and weird when you're standing in line for ice cream and someone posts the screencap of Minor League Guy one last time and you start to tear up. Weird because you feel genuine emotion for someone you didn't know and never had any real connection with. But mostly, it's just sad.

It feels raw and cruel right now. This is the third time the Cardinals have lost an active member of their team in the past 12 years, and it was all the more shocking when it was a guy you just saw on the TV only two weeks previous. And when I read the chatter about what it means for his baseball cards and blah blah blah redemption status blah, I just roll my eyes. Yet I just know that when I see his cards in my Cardinals binders I'll probably get a little bit sick inside, because it will be a crummy reminder of this tragedy.


  1. I too am still in shock-we will never know what he could have accomplished.

  2. well put, especially the part about how we get struck with sadness for someone we never met - and really have no real connection to.

    I suppose It's a reminder to us to take care of the folks that are in our lives and to be good to the people that are good to us.

  3. His 2014 Update card where he's waving his hat in front of the dugout and a cheering crowd - it got to me. Very sad.


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