Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's the Point?

Great news, guys! No more repacks.

Let me get this straight... this is a card from last year's Allen & Ginter set, stamped (and framed because it's a mini apparently) and reinserted into this year's product? Isn't this a little like your mom repurposing the leftovers into something "new" and "exciting" that's probably going to have casserole in the name somewhere to make it sound planned?

I guess they'll start phasing out repacks as a way to sell off old packs. May as well rip 'em, stamp 'em, and reinsert 'em.

I know there were worse atrocities committed here, like the stamping of the dummy ad cards and so forth, but this is still pretty eyeroll-worthy.


  1. I grabbed a few of these for the PC, but I agree with you. They're pointless

  2. I'm up in the air about collecting A&G for pretty much every year. I love this inserts but I hate the base set. I have to agree, these look pretty foolish for a product that'll be 10 years old next year.

  3. I can't stand these. Also, I'm an idiot and still bought one.

  4. I only buy A&G because I am stupid enough to think I have a chance at GintACuffs. Oh, wait. I also give away all the cards, so there is that.


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