Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shiny and New

A dazzling group of cards in my latest trade haul.

I had a bit of luck with some Topps Chrome retail purchases this year, and thanks to fine collector's like Tim B., I was able to bring home some choice cards for my own collection in return for that luck. I'm showing off just a few cards of what Tim sent over to the Pacific Northwest.

Despite what my scanner would tell you, this is actually an X-Fractor. X-Fractors are extinct now. I do kind of miss their weird blocky patterns. Yadi picked up his 8th consecutive Gold Glove recently and was also awarded the Platinum Glove, some sort of fan vote among Gold Glove winners awarded to the best defensive player in each league. He's won it 4 times in its 5 years of existence. Nice.

One of my biggest disappointments with the Cardinals brief playoff run was Jonathan Broxton's inclusion on the roster. I just didn't feel like he did anything to earn a spot. Even though one of the younger, lesser known relievers could have easily performed better, it ended up probably not mattering as the Cubs smashed holes in the Cardinals depleted rotation. This is one of the rainbow foil (don't call it a refractor!) Update set parallels that I keep forgetting about.

It's a rainbow of Scruggs! I am actually starting to take a shine to the pink parallels, but maybe it's because that color compliments red so well. Scruggs didn't get to do much in his limited time with the big league club and was DFA'd late in the season, so I'm not sure of his current status with the organization. He has a cool name, though!

Hey, it's Tim Conroy!

Why did I scan a Tim Conroy card? Well, of course, it's Miss Tiffany, the Belle of the Junk Wax Ball!

Finally, last and certainly not least, is this low numbered green refractor of blog fave Adam Wainwright. It's numbered 14/99, making it one of my lowest numbered Waino cards to date. Thanks again to I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning!

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