Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Loot Locker, Looted

A review of my January purchase from @thelootlocker 

I've never belonged to a X of the Month Club, so I recently took the plunge and decided to sign up for a box of stuff: baseball card stuff, as it turns out. For the price of a blaster, The Loot Locker lets you pick a sport and purchase a box of curated hobby packs, which is ideal for someone like me who likes a little variety and is down to only one brick and mortar card shop in a 30 mile radius. (I think.)

In addition to some top leaders (both thick and slim) and penny sleeves from Ultra Pro themselves, this month's box included 4 shiny hobby packs. And, yes, candy! The ordering process was smooth, the price seemed reasonable, and I ended up with some trade bait (though not actually a massive pile of cards considering the products selected.) If I have anything negative to say about the experience, I can only say that I do wish that there was some indication that your box was shipped with a tracking number provided. I get the feeling that this is by and large a one man operation right now, so if this thing gets bigger maybe we'll see this in the future.

Let's check out what I got.

2015 Bowman's Best

TP-44 - Brandon Nimmo Top Prospects - I was going to make a Finding Nemo joke, but based on this guy's Twitter name, I'm guessing he's heard them all.

B15-MCH - Matt Chapman Auto - Two cards in and I'm already in autograph land. I'll probably hang onto this one for awhile, if for no other reason than because I've had this blog for nearly 8 years and I've never managed to trade with an A's fan that I can recall. Chapman could be alright someday?

74 - Charlie Blackmon Refractor - This is really a pretty nice design. This was my first pack of Bowman's Best anything ever, and I can't complain about the look.

 2 - James Shields

26 - Starling Marte

2015 Panini Elite Extra Edition

181 - Gregory Guerrero - This is definitely my least favorite product in the box (no logos), but I'm guessing it was chosen by it's heavy autographed prospect potential. This is Vlad Guerrero's nephew according to the back of the card. Which New York is this supposed to be?

174 - Steven Brault

15 - Luis Severino Hype - This insert really threw me for a loop. It's a current major leaguer and not a minor league prospect, it's thinner than the base cards and it doesn't have the same metallic finish. I think I could find a Yankee fan to send this to... I know that's the right New York this time.

38 - Daz Cameron - Kids these days have cooler names than we did.

31 - Kyle Holder - Again, what New York is this? I'm guessing they got scolded for putting (AL) or (NL) in parenthesis.

2015 Bowman Chrome (Pack 1)

64 - Michael Saunders - The final two packs were both Bowman Chrome. This is one of the first years in awhile where I didn't get sick of the Bowman flagship design before the year ended.

BSU-JW - Jesse Winker Bowman Scouts' Updates - Rumor has it that he has to keep his shades on in the dugout, too. Because he's a Winker. And it makes his teammates uncomfortable.

BCP213 - Austin Brice Prospects

BCP172 - Bobby Wahl Prospects - A couple of prospects round out the first pack.

2015 Bowman Chrome (Pack 2)

- Nick Gordon Ad Card - This is some sort of non-counting ad card that advertises some sort of Twitter giveaway that probably already happened. I wonder what other players have these ad cards and if I care about any of them.

96 - Pat Neshek - The baseball card enthusiast and ex-Cardinal got a card in this set. Nice.

BCP165 - Luiz Gohara Prospects

BCP152 - Matt Olson Prospects - More A's. Sheesh.

160 - Nolan Arenado - And this will close out the box.

There were no Cardinals to be found, so all of these cards are up for grabs. Next time, perhaps? One nice thing about the ordering process is that you can just sign up for a one time box (like I did) rather than a recurring order, and I believe there isn't a price difference. I will most likely sign up for future boxes, unless they're full of spiders.


  1. I haven't seen 2015 Extra Edition yet. Cool Severino!

  2. 8 years and no A's trades, I don't feel bad about 1 now

  3. Holder is definitely a Yankees guy, not sure of the Guerrero. Cool concept on this.

  4. I've seen on other blogs and facebook about these type of "x" of the month boxes from all sorts of hobbies and fandoms. They are great for the general overall collectible thing as a starter kit for new collectors of "x" hobby. Not so much for those of us who get a bit more specific and picky about things.

  5. Want to complete your first trade with an A's fan? I'll drop you a line... what's the best email to reach you?
    - JSB

  6. kerrybiggs [at] comcast [dot] net

  7. I've been considering ordering from these guys, especially since I only got one of the Collector Crates before they went belly-up. Nice Rockies pulls.

  8. Thank You! Great writing! I promise no spiders will be shipped in Loot Lockers...well not until Halloween at least.


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