Monday, October 3, 2016

Trevor Delivers

Another multi-sport trade package heads to the NW. 

Things are happening! We get to take a one day breather from six months of baseball before the play-in games begin, followed by weeks of cold hard (literally cold) playoff baseball. For the first time since 2010, my Cardinals will not be a participant. That's okay. I am on the side of those hoping for dramatic changes next year, however.

Basketball is happening, too. Tonight was the first Trail Blazers preseason game, and there's no better time to show off some cards from several sports received recently from football blogger (and Cubs fan... another one?!) Trevor of Bump and Run Football Cards

The Cardinals at times this season felt a bit like the team in the Mark McGwire days, where everyone would sit back and wait for the dingers to fly. This year's squad had six players hit 20+ HRs. Last season's had one. There's probably a good balance to be found somewhere. I don't want to go into great detail about what I thought went wrong this season, but I do feel like the 2016 Cardinals forgot how to do a lot of things that are essential to winning baseball. Chicks dig the long ball, though.

Trevor sent me a lot of Ducks cards. I normally save these for Saturdays during the season, but that stash is getting very crowded, so I thought I'd pick a few for this post. Kenjon Barner has found his way into the Eagles lineup more and more this season, and with the team off to a 3-0 start, he seems to have a good chance at sticking around in the post Chip Kelly days.

Darron Thomas led the Ducks to a National Championship game, so he will always have that on his resume. That and what seems to be an ad for Adidas workout gear, I guess? That was a fun team to watch, though!

I was born a generation too late to see Bobby Moore, who later became known as Ahmad Rashad, play for the Ducks. I didn't really pay attention to the NFL in the '80s, so my memories of him as a pro player are pretty much nonexistent. I do remember NBA Inside Stuff, though!


Fantasy Hoops update: I got more responses than I anticipated. Great! I finally created the league and sent out email invites to the first eight people that expressed interest. I'm missing an email address (hi B Man!) and it's possible that I don't have current email addresses for everyone, so please get in touch if you didn't get an invite and expected one. I'm not sure that everyone who reached out will ultimately sign up, so if I don't fill the 10-slot league I will start looking for those of you who responded after the first nine.

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