Saturday, November 17, 2018

More Cards From Bru!

A little big closer to Heritage goals thanks to @marcbrubaker and another envelope. 

It seemed like I was getting hit right and left with envelopes full of cards from Remember The Astrodome for awhile there. Here's some stuff I received back in September.

I was able to cross off a number of 2018 Topps Heritage needs, including this newly crowned Cy Young Award winner. Erin is still lamenting the loss of his luxurious locks, though.

Cardinals were included, because we love the Cardinals here (did you know?!) I'm not sure if the 2018 Donruss design will ever grow on me (and now it's here in basketball), but I am always a sucked for chrome'd up and shiny cards, both of which this Carlos Martinez card fits the bill.

Here's another Donruss Optic Prizm parallel. We haven't yet truly seen Tyler O'Neill's prodigious power be sustained in the majors, but some consistent playing time would help. It's nice to see the Rated Rookie logo live on for another day.

This is just a straight up base card from the same set, using the confusing Diamond Kings design. These aren't the Diamond Kings that I know. Waino is back for 2019. Have I mentioned that? Probably.

Thanks again to Bru! I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from him soon.

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