Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Trail Blazers Virtual Cards

The team's own custom cards, if you will. 

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Portland Trail Blazers planned a series of "Decades Nights" throughout the season, to honor some of the top players from the team from each decade. Fans are allowed to vote on a "team" of the decade among a pre-selected grouping of players, and the games themselves have been pretty fun. I went to the '90s night late last month and will be going to Sunday night's 2000s night. Part of the voting process is selecting from a sort of a rolodex wheel of Blazers players each represented on what totally looks like a basketball card that's probably supposed to be era appropriate.

Well, first off, let me say that I immediately regret not saving some of the images from the previous rounds of voting before they were lost to the sands of time (thanks, new internet!) I'll try to illustrate my point with what little I have to work with here.

First off (sorry, it's a Twitter video), we start off with a '70s Topps design for the 1970s team. This is the 1973-74 Topps only with a black background/border instead of white. I seem to remember these actually being white when I first saw them, but this was back in October and I'm probably just wrong.

For the '80s team, the Blazers mocked up cards in the iconic 1990-91 SkyBox design. These kind of looked era appropriate, but we all know that this set is... well... just after the '80s expired. This was also the first indication that the voting for any given player was confined to a single decade, so no Porter, Drexler or Kersey in the '80s set even though their exclusion was kind of distracting considering the card design that was being used. They would be held over for the '90s set.

Here's where Clyde and those guys ended up.

See, it's the 1991-92 SkyBox set. I think they did a good job with it, all things considered.

At this point, I was highly interested in seeing what they would use for the 2000s. Are there any memorable card designs from that decade that some Blazers intern could use to whip up some quick player "cards"? I had my doubts, and here's what they turned out.

Unless I'm missing something, it looks like they went super generic here, and just went heavy on the dreaded silver accents in their uniform design from the era (which they have finally deemphasized.) This feels like a letdown and also is pretty much what I expected.

I wonder if B-Roy will finally make his return to the Rose Garden on Sunday (doubtful.)

I'm expecting the next (and final) round of voting to be based on the overall look and feel of their website and social media accounts, but we'll see.

UPDATE - per request from Chris, The Collector, I dug up one more of the videos. I couldn't find one for the '90s team, however. Enjoy!

UPDATE 02/23/2020 - here's the 2000's Team.


Fuji said...

I'd vote for either 2008-09 UD Masterpieces or 2008-09 Topps as my favorite 2000's basketball card designs. But then again... my knowledge is pretty limited.

Chris said...

The '70s video and cards were cool! I wish they'd used an '80s set for the all-'80s team, but at least it's a recognizable design. Also, are there videos for the '80s and '90s starting fives?

Billy Kingsley said...

I saw these on one of the broadcasts via LeaguePass. I thought it was great they used card designs. The 1991-92 Skybox design I believe. It would have been even nicer if they had actual cards available.

madding said...

Chris - I found the video of the '80s team and updated the post. I couldn't find one for the '90s team, but Twitter's search engine is confounding to me.

Bulldog said...

I'm sure they were going for goofy fun with their design choices. That works for me but for some reason those Skybox designs are good for me. Voting would be fun but agree having players missing from decades would take away from the process. Good post.

Chris said...

Thanks for finding that! Did they use the same music for the '70s and '80s videos? It's going to be very off playing that tune to a Damian Lillard highlight, lol.

madding said...

They just posted the 2000's team, so I updated this again.