Thursday, February 10, 2022

Team Collectors on the Same Side

A boatload of cards from helps push my Cardinals collection north of 21,000. 
Team collectors accumulate a lot of dupes. It's easy for some people to just want to dump all of their extras from your favorite team on you. Maybe you bought into a group break and ended up with eleven of the same card of some rookie reliever than has an ERA of 45.00. Even after jettisoning at least five priority mail boxes of Cardinals dupes last summer on people, I would still estimate that 20% of the unwanted baseball cards in my possession are Cardinals cards. This percentage would be a lot higher if I wasn't able to occasionally swap dupes with like-minded Cardinals collectors like Patrick, who sent a huge box of non-dupes back in my direction.

Due to time and space constraints, I just picked out a handful of cards I either thought were interesting or were things I'd never seen before. I have seen Topps Micro cards before and I received a whole slew of them. I was at my peak of my teenage collecting years when these came out, but I think I was concerned I'd just lose these tiny cards if I ever tried to collect them. Fortunately, I now have a million binders to lose them in.

You love to see this. This was just one of several cards from the 1968 Topps set.

I believe I ended up with the whole Cardinals team set from this special 1998 Score Cardinals team set edition. I don't have many Mike DiFelice cards in my collection. (Does anyone?)

Trading with someone who is more local to the St. Louis area than I am often means greater access to regional issues like the Kansas City Life "police" team sets. I've picked up a ton of these over the past couple of years, and Patrick added to this with another huge stack.

I know I expressed my disinterest in modern buyback cards recently, but I'll always make an exception when it comes to my own team collection.

Conlon Collection cards are firmly in junk wax territory, but how many of these gold foil-laden cards from the 1995 set have you seen? I have not seen many.

Speaking of gold foil, I am now the proud owner of just my second 1991 Topps Desert Shield card. It may be awhile yet before I pull the trigger on an Ozzie Smith or another notable player from this set, but I'm making progress!

I have a special appreciation for round cards. It doesn't hurt that they're usually food issue cards.

Fleer Pro-Vision cards are a classic staple of the early '90s, but I feel like they may have crossed a line by this point in 1994.

Weird oddball card alert! I had to actually look this one up. I believe this is the only card that features all three of these legendary players at the same time. It appears to be from a 1980 TCMA set, though the design somehow resembles both the 1960's and 1991 Fleer.

[EDIT: I originally linked the wrong Patrick to this trade. I actually made this trade with Patrick via the Affordable Group Breaks Facebook group. Cards on Cards regrets this error.]


  1. Patrick is a great guy. Just made a large trade with him last month.

  2. I didn't realize that there was that many Cardinals in the Micro set!

  3. Never heard of DiFelice, but looked him up on Baseball Reference. He played 13 years in the MLB. Anyways... that's a really cool play at the plate card of him. That McGee oddball is pretty cool too. He's one of my all-time favorite St. Louis Cardinals.


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