Friday, September 30, 2022

Bird-Themed Teams

Bird cards from @forgotaboutblay because apparently that's all I collect. 
A comment someone Erin* made to me the other day made me start thinking about sports teams and their mascots. A lot of sports teams have animal mascots and nicknames. A lot of NFL teams do not. For whatever reason, I've ended up mostly gravitating towards bird teams (Cardinals, Eagles, Ducks -- not pictured). Dennis from Too Many Verlanders sent me another stellar batch of cards back in June that happened to feature those bird teams.

It's always exciting to add another Jim Edmonds card to my collection. I'm guessing somewhere out there is a version of this where all three players have their own memorabilia piece. Maybe there's one that just has Edmonds? Or just Rolen?

Rick Ankiel gets two memorabilia chunks of his own, both a bat and a snippet of his clothing. The default background for these cards show a row of batting helmets. I wonder if there are any embedded helmet piece cards.

Here's another card with multiple opportunities for jersey chunks, but only the white portion is real. Were these card companies toying with us?

This might be my favorite card of the lot. It's an on-card autograph from Topps Total on a design I'd never seen before. The "Signatures" script has a very '80s cafe look to it.

The NFL portion of the package contained this card of Michigan alum Jason Avant. Dennis probably has a few extra cards of Michigan players in the same way that I often end up with more dupes of the teams that I collect than anything else.

Finally, here's an interesting design concept. This "Freeze Frame" insert card contains something that looks like a slide in the middle. I would love to see more of these cards.

*A certain someone called me out for referring to her as "someone", so I have adjusted the post accordingly.


  1. I love that Marrero card. Back in 2003 or 2004 (whatever year it was produced), I pulled it from a pack and was just impressed with the design, photo, and the autograph itself.

  2. Who is this Erin? Might have to do some research.

    Football's more about physicality than baseball is.

  3. They've made quite a few sets with slides in them over the years, but I think that this is the first time that I've seen one for football.

  4. Cool McNabb. I'd love to see more "film strip" inserts from current card manufacturers.

  5. The Bird teams makes your Fandom of the Blues stand out. Time to change hockey allegiances to...the Flyers?


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