Friday, October 7, 2022

An Old Pack of Cards: Playoff Edition

It's playoff time! Let's look at an old pack that's been sitting on my desk for a long time. 
With the Cleveland Guardians making quick work of the Rays today, we are officially off and running with the 2022 MLB postseason. I thought I'd get some quick baseball content up here before we give way to the football overlords once again tomorrow.

Right off the bat, we get a big name in Michael Jack Schmidt!

The big names continue here. I feel like Clemens has a lot of early headshot cards in his collection.

Billy Beane certainly wasn't a big name at the time, but over time he became one of the more notable cards from this set.

This one screams 1986! This was the first year I started buying packs, so opening anything from '86 is always going to be extremely nostalgic for me.

Look at that... it's Jay Tibbs.

Rick Honeycutt hung around the game for a long time as a pitching coach for the Dodgers.

The third card from the team that lost the '86 World Series.

No relation to the guy that hits all of the home runs for that sad team in Anaheim.

Lee Lacy's warm-up is a nice look.

Jorge Orta is really serious about photo day.

After starting off strong, we've hit a run of lesser known players and bench guys.

Here's another example of how great the '80s Diamond Kings cards were. Nothing they've done with art cards in a long time can compare.

The names are getting more familiar here. The Astros also made the playoffs in '86. The only thing we're missing is an Angels card.

This Alan Trammell card makes it the second HOFer of the pack. It would be three, but people don't like the one guy.

We end things with another Met to make it 5 players from the World Series teams.

Don't forget the (Hank Aaron) puzzle piece!

Enjoy the games this weekend, everyone.


  1. Schmidt wins it. Obviously.
    Dick Perez did the '80s DK art.
    The Red Sox had been using a defensive replacement for Buckner. Not sure why they didn't in 'that' game.
    De Jesus went to the Phillies in the Ryne Sandberg trade.

  2. Fun pack. They're not all stars, but all are perfectly 1980s. Except maybe Clemens.

  3. This would've been a pretty good pack back in 1986.

  4. Solid pack. That Beane is a pretty popular card in the Bay Area. I've seen dealers asking $1 to $2 for it... and never find it in dime or quarter bins.


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