Thursday, April 13, 2023

Cards from The Lost Collector

Our favorite Yankees fan @Lost_Collector sends some Birds 'n Blazers. 
I finally busted out my Jack Flaherty shirt that I bought at Busch Stadium last summer yesterday, and Jack and co responded with a 2023 first: a series win. It's been a struggle so far in the young season for St. Louis, but hopefully the win over Colorado was a sign of better things to come.

This seemed like a good opportunity to show off a few things I received from The Lost Collector back around Christmas time. The holiday themed card would have made a seasonally appropriate post back when I first got these cards, but that is definitely a very busy time of the year.

It seems like Steven Matz has only been a Cardinal for a few months, but that's probably because he made 15 appearances with the team last season. He appears here on one of those gold-ish Topps cards that are becoming more and more difficult to come by as print runs spiral out of control.

A good chunk of the package was actually dedicated to basketball cards. I can always use more Bol Bol cards cards.

The Contenders Draft set gives us a throwback look at Dame Lillard.

This retail Absolute card of CJ McCollum gives us another glimpse of that awkward period where teams were playing in front of no fans.

We end things with a quad-pack of Bucks. All of these are Collector's Choice cards. The top two seem identical, but one of them is from the German set. There's also a nice "silver signature" parallel here.


  1. Hope you found a few needs. Already have next stack going!

  2. If you need a laugh, look up what Bol Bol means in Tagalog (the Philippine language)

  3. Baby Dame, lol. Its strange seeing Lillard that young!

    I might have some Cards and Blazers for you. I'll have to check your TCDB.

  4. The Choice Buck's are really great, although the '96-97 is a little sad because he was already with the Knicks by the time that card came out.


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