Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Have a Heart

David Eckstein gets a new baseball card for the first time in awhile. 
One of the nice things about the internet (there are, actually, a few of them) is that it helps me gain access to regionally produced cards that I would probably never seen in my lifetime. A new David Eckstein card is one of these. It looks like this was an SGA ("Stadium Giveaway") from earlier this season. The card design looks like it comes straight out of Eckstein's playing days, so it took me a bit to figure out that it was actually something new.

The card is for a good cause, of course. If this saves even a few lives by putting the word out there, it was all worth the while I would think. I wonder if there are any other cards like these out there in the wild in 2023.


  1. Very cool giveaway, and for a good cause. Smart way to combine the message with something someone might hang on to.

  2. If they don't still do these, they should!


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