Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Last One


A huge group break acquisition to wrap up things here. 
With this last bit of cards from a couple of Nachos Grande box breaks, I'm finally caught up and ready to move things along... down the street, that is. I'll hopefully be back with the usual Ducks post sometime before the next football game a week from Saturday.

I usually let cards build up a bit more before I request a shipment, but there was a certain urgency to these cards that will make sense a little further down the screen here. The 2023 Panini Prizm break netted me some nice and shiny Cardinals cards including this Ice parallel of Harry Walker. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I was also randomly assigned the Rangers in this break and ended up with some Pudge Rodriguez cards for the trade boxes.

Silver Prizm cards are a bit hard to come by now that Panini figured out that people go crazy for them (well, in the NBA, at least.)

This green "scope" parallel of Tink Hence is numbered to just 75. It looks pretty nice in hand.

The biggest break (and the reason for the urgent shipment) was 2023 Topps Finest. I usually stay far away from Finest because of the cost, but I'm sure glad I didn't this time! I did get a couple of nice Cardinals, including the "rose gold" parallel of Matthew Liberatore at the top of this post, which is also numbered to just 75.

My randomly assigned team was the Baltimore Orioles, suddenly looking like the Kings of the American League these days. Adley Rutschman is my new secret player collection guy. I even kicked my musty old Mike Trout cards out of a box he shared with Shohei Ohtani to make room for Adley. The young catcher is from the Portland area and did a cool thing during the HR Derby this summer, so it wasn't tough to convince me to stash away some of his cards.

Well, this also certainly helps! I'm not one to have much luck with redemptions (who does?), but Topps really delivered the goods this time.

I spammed this picture around all of the Discord servers that I'm in weeks ago, so this probably isn't a big surprise to some of you. My first instinct is to sell anytime I come into an expensive card like this, but I might be hanging onto this one for awhile.


  1. That orange Adley is a stunner! Congrats on pulling that one.

  2. I haven't had a bad experience with those Topps redemption cards, glad they came through for you. Nice Adley!

  3. Congratulations on your big hit (full disclosure though: I have no idea who he is)!

  4. That Adley is incredible! Congratulations!


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