Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bernie's Golden Rainbow and Two Cardinals

If you happen to have read some of my pack break posts lately, especially elsewhere, you've probably noticed that I'm on a bit of a mid-'90s kick. 1994 began my "lost era" in sports, as I had recently started college and paid little attention to anything sportswise that didn't involve the Ducks. Eventually, I returned to being a casual sports fan, but I did not return to sports cards until sometime around 2005. Hence, no matter how cruddy a set is, I'm pretty intrigued by low-priced mid-'90s stuff that probably sits around in basements and storage spaces across the country, with packs half-glued together from being exposed to too much heat at one time or another. This is when everything became glossy and every set tried to outdo the previous one.

Here's a pack of 1994 Stadium Club Series 3:

597 - Otis Nixon (Another fun thing about these packs is that I get to find out fun stuff like that Otis Nixon played for Boston.)

691 - Rick Sutcliffe (And then there's Sutcliffe, who most people probably think of as a Cub. I do it, too. I would have to say that Sutcliffe is on Erin's shortlist of broadcasters that she does not care for.)
663 - Mark Leiter

574 - Tom Glavine (This design is just... wow. The name plates look like they could be from the title sequence from an early season of The Real World.)
666 - Will Clark (This one is going out the door as fast as it got in my hands.)

629 - Carlos Delgado Rookie Rocker (Unfortunately, when I see "ROCKER" on a baseball card I can't help but only think of one guy.)

543 - Lee Smith Active All-Time Career Leader (Should be in the Hall. I voted for him!)
699 - Jeff Cirillo
- Stadium Club Membership Form

573 - Bernie Williams (Bernie is one of my all-time favorite Yankees, along with Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson.)
591 - Geronimo Berroa

573 - Bernie Williams Golden Rainbow (Hey, this looks familiar. I'm not exactly sure what a golden rainbow would look like, but Topps certainly gave it a shot with these, which I'm guessing are one-per-pack inserts.)

586 - Bob Tewksbury (A very underrated pitcher when he was good.)


night owl said...

"The Real World." Wow. I really do not miss that show.

aj said...

of course you don't miss it, it's still on! Real World: Cancun on Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT only on MTV!!

Erin said...

I remember the first season of the real world. I thought it was rather interesting. Of course, I think people weren't as stupid back then.

I think I have a short list of a lot of people. One day I am going to make lists like this. On paper. Just got to make up the categories. Stupid girls will be one of them, of course.