Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking up the Montony

As my next post will be football-related, I thought I'd do most of you a favor and post something quick and baseball. Here's a pack from a set I know nothing about. I believe this was part of a repack cube I bought recently.

25 - Jim Thome (See, Dodgers fans, Thome can actually field a position. Or, at least, he did for a couple of years in the middle part of this decade.)

81 - Jim Edmonds (Alright, Jimmy Baseball! His signature looks like it's something scribbed in a foreign language.)
88 - Roy Halladay (I seem to get tons of Halladay's cards. Are there any Jays collectors out there? I have tons of stuff for you if you are.)

51 - David Wright Silver (This is apparently a parallel version of the base cards. I don't know how hard these are to get. People seem to like the David Wright.)

132 - Brandon McCarthy First Class Prospects (I think it's rather contradictory to have a card called "Pro Sigs" but not have anything resembling a "sig" on the card.)
93 - Pete Orr First Class Prospects

29 - Jim Edmonds Flyball (Two Edmonds cards in one pack? This must be my lucky day! Each pack apparently had one Flyball card in it, which apparently is some sort of attempt at a game set.)

Good Luck Ducks will be up later today. By the way, if anyone out there collects that Topps Magic football set and has some extra Ducks to spare, please let me know. I would love to get ahold of some of those.

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Your right,you never did hear much about those cards. I,myself, kinda' liked 'em.The Flyball game was sold,at least,in Target and Walmart.You had to have a "pen" computer to play. I have a few of the cards,they were also sold in packs.I never looked into the game itself. Apparently no one did !