Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Blaster... or "Bonus Box"

Blogger is telling me that I've now used 15% of my image storage. Has anyone ever filled this thing up?

Anyway, I bought three blasters for a bargain price from eBay awhile back. I posted about the first one last week. The main thing I was going for was that I wanted the 2003 box because I'm actually collecting the set but felt like I had a decent opportunity to save on shipping and pick up some extras to make the entire thing worthwhile. 2004 Topps is not the most interesting set to me by any stretch, but I know there's a chance at some Cardinals cards that I don't already own, whereas I have almost every Cardinals Topps base card from 2005 through 2008. (See my wantlist on the sidebar for exceptions.)

The same basic deal applies to this box as the last: 6 cards per pack, 10 packs in total plus 1 "bonus pack" which really just brings you to 11. I've often wondered when and how the term "blaster" came to be.

Pack 1:
179 - Mike Stanton
136 - Carlos Zambrano
152 - Mike Lieberthal

357 - Bret Boone Sporting News All-Stars (I don't understand why they felt the need to put the Sporting News logo on these when it's also already on the "magazine cover".)
172 - Juan Encarnacion
279 - Jimy Williams
- Topps of the Class insert (Yeah, they had these back then.)

Pack 2:
163 - Geronimo Gil (Gil wins the prize for first guy I've never heard of. He actually was the Orioles starting catcher in 2002 but only hit .232 with a .633 OPS. Yikes.)

157 - Miguel Cairo (First Cardinal of the box, so I can't complain here.)

20 - Derek Jeter (Yeah, yeah, I know... why did I post a picture of Jeter? I just find it to be kind of a strange looking card of his. The little foil outline representation of his picture in the lower left corner looks kinda silly because he's not really doing anything.)
85 - Jon Garland (Garland just signed with the Padres, which makes it, what... 3 NL West teams in less than 5 months?)
287 - Ken Macha
259 - Joe Mays

Pack 3:
98 - Jorge Posada

49 - Frank Thomas
169 - Mike Remlinger

344 - Albert Pujols / Todd Helton / Juan Pierre NL Hits Leaders (Pierre is in the same group as Pujols and Helton?)
272 - Dusty Baker
222 - Randy Wolf
- Some unnumbered checklist

Pack 4:
79 - Jerry Hairston Jr.
248 - Gary Bennett (Former Cards backup catcher in his pre-Cards days with the Padres.)

40 - Albert Pujols (I probably already have this card, but back-to-back Pujols packs is something I will certainly not complain about.)
292 - Bob Melvin
258 - Runelvys Hernandez
63 - Pedro Astacio

Pack 5:
200 - Nomar Garciaparra (I wonder if Nomar's career is done.)
57 - Michael Tucker
105 - Willis Roberts

340 - Carlos Delgado / Alex Rodriguez / Bret Boone AL RBI Leaders (Which one of these names is not like the others?)
278 - Jack McKeon
54 - Shane Halter
- Topps of the Class thing

Pack 6:
100 - Alex Rodriguez

23 - Jay Payton (Is this the first time Payton ever caught a ball?)
89 - Tim Spooneybarger

205 - Ray Durham (This is no play at the plate, but I know some of you out there appreciate a good photo of a turn.)
178 - Rocky Biddle
32 - Brad Radke
- MLB Sportsclix ad

Pack 7:
221 - Mike Mussina
223 - Kris Benson
227 - Francisco Cordero

350 - 2003 NLDS Postseason Highlights (I know I'm not too into posting Cubs cards around here, but I couldn't pass this one up. Nice puns.)
238 - Raul Ibanez
323 - Tydus Meadows
- another unnumbered checklist

Pack 8:
102 - Dave Berg (I'm not sure who this is, either.)
44 - Steve Finley
96 - Alex Cintron

WS-LB - Lou Brock World Series Highlights (I never thought that the shiny rainbowy technology worked well on "vintage" style cards, but I like this one anyway. There's nothing that detracts a lot from the best part of the card, which is the photo. I can't always say that about some of the cards that are out these days.)
198 - Byung-Hyun Kim

328 - Ryan Madson / Elizardo Ramirez Future Stars

Pack 9:
46 - Jay Gibbons
11 - Kevin Millwood
134 - Alex Cora (Crazy photo!)
332 - Sammy Sosa Season Highlights
312 - Khalid Ballouli
283 - Ron Gardenhire
- Topps of the Class

Pack 10:
199 - Brandon Inge
261 - Dustan Mohr (Here's another guy to join the "never heard of" club)
18 - Corey Patterson
130 - Kazuhisa Ishii
17 - Kevin Millar
159 - Toby Hall

Bonus Pack time...

137 - Brett Tomko (Not a great pitcher, but I believe I needed this one.)

ASR-EM - Edgar Martinez All-Star Stitches (Edgar! I haven't pulled a relic card in quite awhile, so this was a welcome surprise. I guess I should stop making fun of the bonus pack concept for awhile anyway. I'm not so sure about the design of this, though. It's a little busy and of course you get a tiny visible jersey piece.)
184 - Brian Lawrence
319 - Omar Falcon (I don't think this is a real person. That can't be a real name.)
- MLB Sportsclix ad

These are all going into the box for potential trades, minus the Cardinals of course.


Play at the Plate said...

I like the shiny World Series highlights. I pulled one just a few days ago of Johnny Bench from the 1976 Series.

NicoLax24 said...

I have 4 of those world series inserts if someone is trying to get the set. I like them but I'd be willing to trade. I actually really like that relic card. I'll email you with an offer, assuming that was for trade too.

Bud (First Day Issue) said...

Sweet Edgar! Dibs if it wasn't headed my way already.

IkesCards said...

Great Brock card. That predates my son's collecting window so we'll have to look out for those.

madding said...

I just checked and I already have the Brock card, although the one I originally had is not in perfect shape.

Bud sent me a few nice relic cards recently, so the Edgar is headed his way.

SpastikMooss said...

Omar Falcon...haha what a name. I just found this on ebay when I google searched him: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300388098662

$25 for a guy who's out of baseball and never played above AA? Interesting ebay, interesting.

IkesCards said...

Want to trade for the Brock? Winter Warmup was lacking in freebies this year but I'm sure Isaac has something in his dupe box for you.

dayf said...

Dave Berg was the guy who drew "The Lighter Side of..." comics for Mad Magazine for like 40 years.

I have filled up 35% of my Google image allotment, if that tells you anything.