Monday, January 4, 2010

Sloppy Topps and Monday Night Miscellany

Just a few quick updates here. Even though it's technically Tuesday for nearly everyone reading this by now, I only got off work a couple of hours ago and it's still Monday night to me.

I was given a couple of mid-'90s hobby boxes for my birthday a couple of months back and I'm finally getting set to show them off. I don't have a Trollian effort in me this time (i.e. I won't be recapping and scanning images from every pack) but I am going to post one of the packs to A Pack A Day shortly and another to APTBNL in the coming days. I'm hoping to have both boxes sorted out before the week is out and I will post some sort of overall recap here. I will likely end up sending a lot of the cards to the team collector people I trade with unless someone objects horribly and/or provides me with a list of cards they need (or can claim that they have every card they could ever hope to get from these sets.)

My college bowl pick 'em is drawing to a close. I was going to do an update on Sunday, but I have been pretty disheartened by the entire bowl season this year. Fortunately, Ducks basketball is off to a great start this year. In any case, the winners will be announced Friday. I was asked today if I was going to do a similar contest for the NFL Playoffs, but I'm really unimpressed with what's going on right now. Three of this weekend's games are rematches of games played just yesterday. Boring! Instead, I'll point you in the direction of Waxaholic's contest. Just don't beat me, okay?

Finally, you may be wondering why I posted a Jason Grilli card.

TRXAS? Has anyone else noticed this?

Speaking of noticing things, what's the story with the "tracking info" on the backs of all of the Topps products that came out in the latter portion of 2009? It looks like each card within a set has the same "code" while the code may be different for different products.


dominicfdny said...

i just looked at all e jason grili cards and they all have TRXAS instead of TEXAS

Sharpe said...

I remember when I was breaking my Series 1 box, I had found numerous typos and other uncorrected errors. I'm sure they're still hitting at 99.9% with all the print that goes into these things, but TRXAS does make me laugh for some reason.