Monday, December 6, 2010

What Just Happened?

Did this... really happen? I was enjoying the on-field festivities of the Ducks winning the Civil War and locking up their spot in the BCS National Championship game (an unlikely event in and of itself given their program's overall history) when a brief news blurb flashed up on one of the few screens not tuned to Oregon/Oregon State. Lance Berkman... THE Lance Berkman... a Cardinal? Sure, I'd seen his name attached to the Cards on, but nearly every free agent and rumored-to-be available player usually has a dozen or more teams mentioned in his news bit. Miguel Tejada has been headed to St. Louis for about 7 straight years now.

For now, at least for the next year, a former nemesis who hasn't played the outfield regularly in about 7 seasons will be taking flyballs and hopefully not getting hit by all of them. Fat Elvis (and no, I really don't expect the Big Puma moniker to catch on) is really taking his act to St. Louis. Crazy.

Speaking of crazy, does anyone else get random unsolicited emails that appear to be loosely related to their blog from time to time? My humble blog has, once again, made it on the Top (insert number here) list of blogs that might have something to do with sports cards. Check out the winning endorsement above. That's Cards on Cards... your leading authority on 108 - Doug Mientkiewicz!

Meanwhile, I will continue to be highly suspicious of any emails from unrecognized senders that aren't immediately promising me specific trading cards and/or unclaimed sums from the family of a high ranking official in a country I've never been to. Anyone want my credit card number?


night owl said...

Welcome to me, circa late 1990, when I found out that DAR-RYL! DAR-RYL! Strawberry was now a Dodger.

dayf said...

Welcome to me, circa two weeks ago.


Derek said...

I totally missed that.
And dayf, I'm pretty excited about uggla being a brave. I mean, the bat is a huge upgrade and considering what we went through with conrad at the end of the year uggla can't be much worse

Community Gum said...

Weclome to us, every time the Cubs sign anyone ever!