Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stadium Crud: Series 2

Last November, I posted the results of a box of 1994 Stadium Series 3 that I picked up on the cheap. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pick up a box of Series 2 for even cheaper: 4 whole dollars. There was also a Series 1 box at the same table, but I'm taking my chances and hoping that it'll still be there when I go back to the card show in March.

Here are some of the highlights:

There aren't as many "tilt the camera towards the sky" shots in this set as I've seen in others, but there are still a few. Larry Walker looks statuesque on this card.

Going in the opposite direction, here we have Orel Hershiser, some hay (or is that a giant patch of sod?), and an unnamed Pirate who wants nothing to do with this madness.

Here's Geronimo Pena, showing off some of his superpowers... presumably the same ones that eventually got Joe Torre canned.

Griffey's card is part of a League Leaders type subset, with ugly red metallic stenciling on top of an even uglier background.

Oh, John Kruk and "Quick". That makes an interesting pair.

Another subset is the "Tale of 2 Players", in which Topps boldly tries to make a personal connection between a pair of non-teammates.

There were TONS of "infocards" in this box, one for every other pack at least. This one tries to explain how Topps color coded each player name on the fronts of the cards according to the division the player plays in.

As before, there are one-per-pack Golden Rainbow parallels. I did quite well with these, getting my favorite player in the entire set .

Plus, backup Cardinal catcher eating... something...

... and DK! Nice.

Not at all welcome was the continued presence of the Dugout Dirt insert cards, which fall at 1:6. I got 4. That's all I really want to say there.

My one per box "hit" was a 1st Day Issue parallel of Darryl Strawberry. According to Beckett, these cards had a print run of only 2000 each.

Also appearing at just one per box is a Bowman Preview card - this one being Javy Lopez. Since I've traded a number of times with multiple Braves fans, I'll drop this in the trade stack of the first person who comments on this post (and actually wants the card, of course.)


Colbey said...

Would love the Javy Bowman Preview...

Anonymous said...

man, that set is the absolute BOTTOM of the list for me. B. A. D.

LoCoDe said...

I'd buy a box at that price.

Dawson and Raines did have a pretty good connection, what with the Expos years and everything.