Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New vs. Old

One of the first things I did this collecting year was, in rebellion against traditional purchasing habits, I signed up for a big 2012 Topps group break. There would be no loose packs of current product for me this year... well, very few, anyway. (It's hard when the closest drug stores start to have cards.) I ended up with a bunch of Mets and Rays cards out of this deal, so I knew to send all of the Rays on over to The Troll. He repaid me in kind by searching his entire collecting and sending me every last Cardinal card. Awesome.

Kyle Lohse is off to another fast to this season, but it's starting to look more and more that Lohse is actually a good pitcher who had some bad injury luck in the past. He's now had two very dependable seasons with St. Louis (along with two lousy, injury plagued ones) and I can only hope he's on his way to a third of the former category.

The Troll sent me shiny cards and he sent me vintage ones. Guess which ones I like the best?

The vintage goodies were all in surprisingly good shape for being so old. The old cards I had from when I was a kid in the '80s were in far worse shape than these puppies.

You can blame my scanner for cropping off the right border on this card. I know I do. This is Joe Taylor's rookie card. It's also his only Topps card.


  1. The Troll is great! So are those vintage Cards cards.

  2. When I was a kid I had the Taylor, javier, and Crowe cards. George Crowe was a pretty good pinch hitter for the Redbirds back in the day.


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