Monday, April 9, 2012

One Wizard and Four Former Cardinals

Longtime reader Tim sent me some Cardinals cards last month, and I'm here to post a few words about them.

Tyler Johnson was one of the integral members of the 2006 Cardinals bullpen as the only lefty who was productive down the stretch. I had a soft spot for him because of this, so it was tough to see his career tank because of injury. He tried to make a comeback in the Mariners organization in 2009 but it didn't last long.

As this 2005 Topps clearly indicates in big gold lettering, Lambert was a Cardinals prospect at one time. St. Louis traded him to Detroit for the extremely terrible Mike Maroth before he would make a regular season appearance in red. After a stint with the Orioles, he was out of professional baseball at 26.

Brendan Ryan continues to be one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. He very well might be #1 on that chart. For this reason, as well as his always adventurous interviews and off-field shenanigans, Ryan's exodus from the Cards remains one of the more unfortunate lasting aspects of Tony La Russa's legacy.

I wouldn't trust a guy named Lary any more than one named Mat. Double letters are the way to go, people! It's all about double letters.

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