Sunday, August 5, 2012

Showin' Off


In honor of a much needed weekend home sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers, here are some scanned images of a bunch of nice Cardinals "hits" that I've procured recently. I hit up a card shop on the west side of town (aka the suburbs) in search of some much needed supplies and found some bargain-priced Cardinals. Did you know that I like the Cardinals? I bet you did!

I find this card pretty interesting because it's a pitcher's game-used bat, and that pitcher went on to become more of a batter. He's never really approached the level he played at when he first re-broke into the majors as an outfielder, unfortunately.

This isn't really a "hit" per se, but it's a short printed Goudey card that chisels another little notch in the old want list. Plus, it was only a dollar!

Cheap Edmonds jerseys were to be had. I had this one.

This is probably just a base card, but I really like it. Does anyone actually collect Triple Threads? I will never fully understand the high-stakes game of baseball card collecting. I would be just as excited (actually, more excited) about receiving a Jaime Moyer 1991 Bowman card, personally. Does anyone have a Jaime Moyer 1991 Bowman card? What about 1991 Stadium Club? No? I really need to get one of those "top X most wanted cards" lists together soon.

This was another one dollar find at the card shop. I am on record as saying that I'm not overly fond of Chrome-ing up the Heritage cards, but when they are done to my own team it's another matter entirely.

Meanwhile, I recently purchased some Yadier Molina cards for Erin's collection (her birthday was last weekend) and took the opportunity to add a couple of cards to my collection as well, mainly to save on shipping charges. I'm a sucker for serial numbers, parallels and blue cards, and this is all of those things.

Wainwright, as we well know, did not pitch at all last season. This photo must be from 2010 (or before?)

I also snagged a bunch of stuff for myself at the monthly card show last month. There's no card show in town this month as far as I know, so I may splurge and finally buy a Heritage hobby box. Here's another Edmonds jersey card for the collection. I will be updating my Zistle account shortly.

Here's a black Matt Holliday workout jersey swatch on a card that features some cacti (because it's Arizona) and some weird diamond pattern (because...??)

I feel like a broken record, but I'm going to say it anyway. Jaime Garcia should be back, hopefully, soon. And, hopefully, he will be able to contribute to the stretch run.

I picked up a pair of Bowman autographs at the show as well. I tried to just choose one of the two Cardinals at the table, but I ended up going home with both. Joe Kelly has been a valuable contributor as a replacement member of the rotation and has even helped win a game with his bat and speed.

Does Kelly have the so-called "upside" that Kolten Wong has, though? This is what made choosing between the two cards a tough decision. I like Joe Kelly because I've seen him play, and there's always a chance Wong never makes the bigs at all. Wong is pretty highly regarded as a prospect, however, and he plays a position (2B) that is always in demand - especially in the St. Louis organization.

I could have sworn I had this Rolen jersey card already, but I wasn't able to find it in any of my boxes where I store these things.

Finally, last but certainly not least, here's a simply amazing Jim Edmonds bat card that Erin purchased long ago. I was finally able to pry it away from her and now it sits in my collection. For now...


  1. That's a lot of hits. Stop stealing cards from Erin. Meanie.

  2. Nice pick ups, always great to pick up some cheap GU for the team collection.

  3. So you're able to pick up hits of your favorite team at the LCS even though you live a thousand miles away from St. Louis?

    At my charming LCS if it isn't the Yankees, it doesn't exist.

  4. I still don't have a favorite LCS, but this was a good trip. I live in the city and there's really nothing approaching a card shop that doesn't require a commitment of an entire afternoon to travel to (and browse, of course.)

    The way it works around here, the local team is the Portland Trail Blazers. Everything that might have a Blazers logo on it starts with $1, even if it's a dime-a-dozen boring old base card from years ago. There seems to be no issues getting cards from other teams or leagues, although I still feel like Cardinals cards can be in fairly scarce supply no matter where I am.


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