Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brick o' Ginter

I received a large brick of Ginter cards from The Other World recently that I've been neglecting to post about. I know that the images of these cards have been burned into most readers brains for months now, but the real reason I've been putting it off (aside from the fact that I've been under the weather lately) is that it's been taking me forever to put together a satisfactory package to send back to Dan. That will be in the mail soon, though. In the mean time, here's some cards that you've likely seen before.

Along with the Ozzie Smith card above, this Adron Chambers helped finished off the Cardinals team set for me. Now all I'm lacking in the Cardinals department is one of the last What's in a Name cards that I need as well as some minis that I'd sure like to own. For the set that exists outside of my Cardinals binders, I am down to needing around 70 or so base cards, about 20 of which are SPs. I'm just glad the SPs are easy to find, unlike a certain Heritage set or twenty.

It's the hotshot Cuban rookie. Were it just about any other year, people would be going monkeybananapants over Cespedes' cards this year, but some other younger kids have stolen the spotlight. My girlfriend, an avid fantasy baseball player I might add, actually asked me who Cespedes was the other day.

It's Giancarlo Stanton, the last man standing in Miami. Seriously, this franchise needs to be burned to the ground after what it did in the past year or so, culminating with the fire sale held today where the Blue Jays picked up almost every player of any worth that didn't recently change his name to Giancarlo. This team should be contracted just by principle. A new expansion team could be added somewhere else. Giancarlo doesn't deserve this fate. Just think, this pathetic excuse for a team could have signed what's-his-face that used to play for the Cardinals. Hell, St. Louis could have probably traded Miami a couple of pitching prospects today and had their first baseman back.

Hopefully Drew Storen isn't getting the death threats anymore. So many things went wrong for the Nats in the final game of their series with the Cardinals that it's ridiculous to pin it on one player... not that threatening someone's life over the outcome of a silly sporting event isn't ridiculous enough.

I did a double take when I saw this one. I didn't realize that this had been built yet, but then I flipped to the back and saw that it's scheduled for completion next year. Let's hope that no new monumental structures have to be built because some jerks have different beliefs than other jerks.

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  1. I think the Marlins plan for NL East dominance were shattered when Pujols signed with the Angels.


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