Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Aftermath: It's Not Pretty

I took a good, long look at the 2012 Topps Heritage set over the past two nights and am not very pleased with my results. I was hoping to get things down to a manageable want list after buying a hobby box, but it seems like I have my work cut out for me. I'm still missing a ton of cards and I have a ton of doubles on my hands. Yikes!

I think I'll try to cheer myself up by looking at some cards from my latest package from Night Owl Cards. In all likelihood, Night Owl has now sent me more pieces of mail than my entire family combined. I think I made that joke once before, but I don't think I'm joking anymore.

Included were some Ginter and Cardinal needs, and this Carp mini counts as both. Now he just needs to learn how to clone himself.

I have Gold Lust. I am not shy about admitting this.

I can't bring myself to buy packs with 4 cards in them for $3, like some people. I don't even know what the Bowman Chrome people are thinking. I picked up some packs from a box of those at Target the other day and just about cracked up when I noticed that most of the contents of the box was just a giant styrofoam block because there literally aren't enough cards to fill the box. Not even close.

I also wonder what the Bowman Chrome people have to say to the people whose eyes bled with rage over the $100 factory sets of Topps Heritage High Series. You know, the one with the guaranteed cards and the guaranteed autograph at $1 per card. You $1-per-card Bowman Chrome pickers only guarantee is that you'll end up with someone you've never heard of in pretty much every pack.

Oh wait. What am I doing? These refractors look great. I am confusing the message. I am a sucker for this shiny stuff.

Nice! It's a real live Bob Gibson card from his playing days. It's just too bad that Fergie the Cub gets twice as much real estate as Gibby.

If you squint, you'll notice that this says REPRINT in the fine print. It's not your mom's 1993 Topps Ozzie Smith, that's for sure. She apparently threw that one out. Instead, it's the rare "original back" version of his Card Your Mom Discarded Because She's Mean And Will Never Let You Eat Sugar Cereal Or Stay Overnight At Your Buddy's House.

Oh my. Here we come full circle, back to Ginter and something... not pretty. Still, it's Ozzie, and even an Ozzie with a supermassive right arm is going into my Ozzie binder.


  1. When I stayed overnight at my friend's house, ALL he had was sugary cereal. Score!

  2. I remember the days when I never mailed nothing.

    That actually sounds pretty nice.

  3. Can you part with that Spinks card???


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