Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Parliament of Cards

Everyone knows about flocks of seagulls and gaggles of geese, but did you know what you call a pack of owls? A parliament, that's what. I don't really know what any of that has to do with this post, but I wanted to  hoot about a package I got from Night Owl Cards last month.

The internet's biggest Ron Cey fan sent me some much needed Allen & Ginter inserts, which I will never stop needing for some reason. There are actually mini inserts in some of these sets that I haven't even laid eyes upon yet, which sucks. Fortunately, with Night Owl's help, I am much closer to completing the Floating Fortresses insert bunch from 2011 - only four cards left!

I also snagged an elusive Topps Heritage short print, in the form of two-time former Cardinal Aaron Miles. Miles is one of the more infuriating players in the league in that he appeared to impersonate a competent baseball player for awhile in St. Louis but has been pretty miserable in other uniforms.

I vaguely remember hearing in the offseason that Brandon Dickson, a guy who made a few spot appearances in 2011 and 2012, was removed from the 40-man roster. It turns out that he's playing in Japan now. Huh.

This is my first and so far only Panini Cooperstown card. I just can't muster up much enthusiasm for the unlicensed stuff, but it will go in my binder regardless. There was a lively discussion over at Community Gum going on related to baseball card licenses. I've got to say that I'm surprised that as many people buy non-logo cards as they apparently do. When I was young, everyone thought cards with airbrushed logos were hilariously dumb. Of course, you mostly saw those things on the sides of boxes of macaroni and cheese, so who knows?

Here's a sweet way to end the post, with an orangey orange Matt Holliday refractor. It'll be interesting to see if Holliday's double-high-five compatriot has anything left in the tank for this season when he heads to Texas. Everyone thought he was done after 2010, but he proved that notion wrong for sure.

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