Friday, February 1, 2013

This One Time, Upper Deck Got It Exactly Right

I picked up a few 1997 Upper Deck cards for free on Listia (for the Edmonds, of course) and was struck by something. Sure, the design is fairly uninteresting, but they did something amazing with every card that I wish every set could manage.

Can you guess what it is? They captioned every photo! How difficult would that be? Especially in this day and age, where it seems that Topps uses plenty of popular AP and Getty Images photos, you would think it would be super easy to tell us when a photo was taken. Upper Deck took it a step further by giving us a little  brief factoid about each.

This one is less descriptive, but it's better than what we usually get. Of course, it could have been taken at any time, and there's obviously room for fabrication to happen here.

I love what this set was doing, though. It's probably not enough for me to ever want to collect the set, but if a card company wants to do something truly innovative... well, it's already been done. But please, feel free to do it again!


  1. I both respect UD for doing this -- it must have been incredibly difficult -- and dislike that they did it, because it seems to detract from the message of the photo.

  2. I love that set for that reason alone. This was 1997, I think? (I get it confused with 1996 because of that orange foil)

    I've never seen that on any other regular set. I wish more brands did it.


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