Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Results

And the winners (and "winner") are...

The contest is done and we have some prizes to give out. The Prowling Cat took 1st prize this year, with the most possible points and 22 correct selections (out of 35). In second place was Brian, who represented all condiment-as-a-meal lovers with his entry Ranch Dip a la Carte. My Cardboard Mistress will get a special prize as well, finishing in third place by points but making the most correct selections (23). Finally, Rhubarb_Runner of “é rayhahn, rayhahn” added to his 2011 worst place title by again finishing with the worst entry of them all. Normally, the Cards on Cards Tanking Committee would be all over some sort of investigation, but there wasn't a huge difference between the first place and last place entries this time around. Everyone placed somewhere on the short spectrum between "suck" and "could've been worse" this year, which is what makes predicting the outcomes of sporting events so much fun!

As mentioned in an earlier post, Cardboard Hogs walked away with the Belk prize. Both this prize and the first place prize will be in the form of 2014 Topps cards that haven't quite been released yet, but I will get those in the mail as soon as they exist.

If I mentioned you here and I don't have your address (or even if I do and you like being helpful), please drop me an email and I'll work on getting your prize.


  1. Thanks again for hosting the contest! I certainly didn't try to tank, but I have to admit that I was rooting against (most of) my picks ;)

    And this is with my top pick (Mizzou -- M I Z!!) winning, too.

  2. Damn confidence points!

    Thanks for the contest and hooray for getting something!


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