Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blazers from a Raptors Fan

And if you're patient, maybe even a baseball card...

Buckstore Cards is one of the few Basketball Card Club members that has responded in kind with some great Blazers cards, and this package was no exception. Portland is trying to right the ship after struggling lately following a hot start to the season. They will certainly be able to make good use of the All-Star Break, though Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge will be participating in the festivities.

This appears to be some sort of 5th anniversary NBA Hoops parallel if I'm not mistaken. I think I have a few cards from this set and I don't recall any of them having this gold stamp. It's nice. Harvey Grant was a bit disappointing in his stint with the Blazers, but it probably wasn't fair to him that he was one of the first significant pieces acquired after they began dismantling the core of the team that had multiple Finals appearances in the early '90s.

Ah, Prizm, the wannabe Chrome set. I must say that it does look a lot better when they actually have a license for this particular sport. J.J. Hickson was a stat machine in his time with the Blazers, but the team is clearly better off with a true center in the post in Robin Lopez, even though he won't wow anyone with his stat line most nights.

There were two really nice Blazers "hits" in this deal, which is nice because I'm sorely lacking in that department. Aldridge is having what is far and away his finest season, as he finally gets to play alongside a true legit center for the first time since the Greg Oden debacle.

Here's a guy that didn't work out. Elliot Williams had some Odenesque luck with his own health. He showed some flash in a couple dozen games in a Blazers uniform but has now moved on to the Sixers bench.

I said you'd get to see a baseball card if you were patient, and I did not disappoint! This is my first pink baseball card of any kind, unless you count the infamous Mike Laga 1987 Topps. Thanks again to Sportscards From the Dollar Store!

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  1. Ever since getting that box full of old Blazer cards, I started feeling the itch to bust some packs of basketball cards. I did a month or so ago and pulled that Lillard card, though just the base version. I don't have cable and only watch the highlights on ESPN or, but Lillard is fun to watch. My grandma has a crush on Aldridge and was pretty upset that Love got chosen over him in the ASG voting.


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