Sunday, February 2, 2014


Got any Eagles cards? I might want 'em.

I've been an NFL fan in limbo for the past several years, held hostage by the repugnant Michael Vick era as a so-called Eagles fan. Now that it seems like Vick is mostly behind us, I decided I'm finally free to accept Eagles cards in my life.

I'll add the them to my wants formally in the coming days, but the lowdown is this: I'm fine with any Eagles cards you have to trade EXCEPT Vick. Most of my NFL cards are from 1990-1991, though, so if you send me any 1990 Pro Set Andre Waters cards I might just kill you. (Those sets had really great photography, however. It helped being the official card of NFL Properties and having access to all of those vaults.)

Enjoy the game, folks. Go Seahawks!

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  1. Kerry- I will be more than happy to pass along some Eagles cards to you. I am currently downsizing my cards to only ones that I collect, so this will help out. I am long overdue in getting you a trade package. Hopefully I can get one to you soon! Tim


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