Thursday, June 19, 2014

Number 500

Another milestone has been reached.

The nice thing about finally keeping track of my player collections, rather than letting them get totally out of control, is that I know something about numbers now. Today I officially received my 500th unique Ozzie Smith card. This is his 2001 Topps Traded card, a reprint of his first Topps Cardinals card. The original was actually one of my proudest collecting achievements, as it seemed to be such a scarce item that I am quite certain I had never seen one until I started this blog thing here.

This one, well, it's nice, too. It's glossy and thin and looks and feels like every set Topps puts out these days. That's just what they do now. Another day, another Listia acquisition - but this one has a nice round number next to it.


  1. I am 99% sure I "sold" you that Ozzie. It's a nifty reprint. Enjoy!

  2. Do you have the original of that card? Let me know if you need it.


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