Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Team Collecting Dilemma

Maybe I am overthinking this.

As if I needed another team collecting quirk to deal with, some cards that Infield Fly Rule sent me earlier in the spring dug up some 24 year old feelings. Back in the early days of Stadium Club, Topps would include a little inset photo of the player's rookie card on the back. I don't know why in all these years I hadn't considered this before, but I might have to include this Mets Tommy Herr card in my Cardinals binders after all.

Here is the issue, of course. There are Cardinals on this card. The team is mentioned. There's even a logo or two if you squint really hard or pull out your jeweler's loupe. If I am going to put a Jaime Moyer Rangers card with "NOW WITH CARDINALS" printed in text in the binders, I am not sure I can consider this any less of a worthy candidate. I know I'm not putting up much of a fight here. I guess I am resigned to admit defeat to weird collecting technicalities.

Adam also sent over some cards for my PCs as well as some not-so-borderline Cardinals. My Darryl Kile collection is fairly neglected at this point, standing at just 89 cards after this junk wax gem. I need to work on this.

Finally, here's a couple of circa-1997 cards of the venerable Cardinals hitting coach. (Pro tip: if you send me cards from 1997, I probably don't have them.)

The other awesome thing about cards from 1997, if they are of the Upper Deck variety, is that you might actually get a date and a factoid with your card photo. Bonus!


  1. More awesomeness! I interviewed John Mabry in a dugout! He couldn't have acted more bored!

  2. So are you going to check every '91 Stadium Club card back for images of Cardinals cards? There are bound to be more former Cardinals rookies in that set.

    I'm as anal as you, and I can tell you it's all or none!


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