Monday, May 4, 2015

Catch a Wave of Fire

Despite injuries -- some major -- the Cardinals are off to a historic start.

For the first time since sometime in the 19th Century, the Cardinals are 19-6. The Cardinals successes on the field typically have been with teams that either squeaked their way into a Wild Card spot or took a Division crown because someone simply had to. This much success this early almost feels like a mirage, but even with the injuries to Adam Wainwright and more peripheral players, it's hard to spot a lot of red flags right now. (Famous last words.)

Here's a few Cardinals cards to look at after Monday's crazy 10-9 win over the rival Cubs, courtesy of The Lost Collector.

This was the special surprise inside a Cracker Jack box (or bag?) from some years ago. Some people would go straight to the bottom of the box looking for peanuts, but I was always more of a caramel corn kind of guy. Someone else can help themselves to those peanuts. I like salted peanuts. There, I said it.

I'll probably never have every version (3) of each of these 1st Home Run inserts for my team collection, much as I still don't have every version of those Chasing History inserts of Cardinals players from a couple of years ago. I'm assuming they're bringing these back for Series 2 and Series 3.

Austin Gomber is a name that wasn't immediately familiar to me, but a little bit of typing reminds me that he was a 4th round draft pick from last year. He's in A-ball this season after starting in low-A-ball last year. In a few years, hopefully people all over will be putting together their own Austin Gomber player collections.

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  1. Glad you got these. I'm a huge fan of those molten (Molten Kolten?) cards.


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