Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Super Serial

The player and team collections get a huge boost with all kinds of serial-numbered goodies.

Last week, we took a look at some of the Blazers cards sent to me from Jon of Community Gum, including a Clyde Drexler rookie card (aka Christmas coming early.) The larger portion of the package contained baseball cards, and I've saved those for last because this is ostensibly a baseball blog. Suffice it to say, my shoeboxes containing my fancy cards (i.e. serial-numbered, memorabilia-laden or otherwise "valuable") became overstuffed really quickly thanks to this.

This is a great looking card, even though the subjects are stuck in small arrow-shaped windows. This would have been so great if it was Brad Lidge instead of the stupid Rocket, but I guess Donruss couldn't predict the future. We just passed the 10th Anniversary of Pujols/Lidge, which is well worth a revisit if you like seeing objects (and egos) destroyed.

I'm not at all familiar with this 2002 Topps Ten set, but I found the bat card intriguing as they actually put the familiar UV coating onto the bat piece (in the back at least) rather than just leaving a spot cut open for it. I would probably really enjoy watching How It's Made about fancy baseball card construction.

Donruss isn't clear about what sort of torch is being passed (or to/from whom) but all I know it's that this card is shiny and serial numbered and I didn't own it. And now I do. Nice!

Here's one of the few unnumbered cards in the lot. It's from a 2003 Leaf set that is a throwback to the 1960 Leaf design. I don't think I have any 1960 Leaf in my collection. I should probably change that.

The Co-Signers set was kind of a weird mess, with players sharing cards and someone always lurking in the background like a ghost. This one is numbered 05/15, which likely makes it both the rarest Co-Signers card I own and the rarest one I have of Edmonds.

I've expressed my love from the short-lived Moments and Milestones set here before, but it's time to mention it again. It's a confusing set with a dizzying array of numbers that are largely meaningless, but it's left a pretty impressive stable of affordable fairly low numbered cards of great players in its wake. The common ones are numbered to 150, but I got several of the /25 variety.

I feel like everything in this post is just "hey, look what I got!" Well, hey, look what I got!

They barely... barely squeezed Albert's large head into the frame on this card. That said, it's great to get a card of two of the best from the championship 2006 team.

Anthony Reyes ultimately had a short career, but he'll always be remembered fondly for shutting down the Tigers in Game 1 of the 2006 World Series. I was really happy to get this card because I actually recently bought a copy of it for Erin (she has collected Reyes since he broke into the league) and really wanted one of my own.

Speaking of guys that Erin collects, here's a blue Yadi refractor from 2012 Bowman Chrome. It's possible I have another one of these kicking around that I should give to Erin, but I need to get some sorting done before knowing for sure. I desperately need to get to sorting, especially after receiving this heap of shiny Cardinals!

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