Thursday, October 1, 2015

They're Saying Bru-URNS, Bru-URNS

The Darryl Kile collection takes it up a notch.

I'm almost caught up on the ol' trade posts. I'm going to show off a few cards I received in a trade package less than two months ago, which is quite recent in Cards on Cards terms. Bru from Remember the Astrodome took my DK collection up from a meager 90 unique cards all the way to 106 (triple digits!)

I was not so much of a fan of these Astros uniforms. The rainbow look was a classic and their current look is pretty decent, but they suffered through a lot of ugly in between.

In addition to finding a home for what I presume were some extra Astros dupes (I have many, many Cardinals dupes), Bru also sent me a trio of new Cardinals Allen & Ginter cards. I give in. Jason Heyward is an amazing baseball player and I hope he signs a massive megadeal with the team that everyone seems to hate these days.

This was the heavy hitter of the package, a serial numbered (to 99) mini of blog favorite Matt Carpenter from this year's Gypsy Queen set. My Matt Carpenter collection is barely halfway to triple digits at this point, but he was a late bloomer and didn't have a million cards before he ever took his first big league at bat. Carpenter is sitting at 28 HR this year after having just 25 in his entire career heading into this season. With Holliday injured and Peralta slumping, Carpenter stepped it up in the power department and will be a key cog in the lineup when the playoffs start.

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