Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Habit's Leftovers

Coming back around again.

A funny thing happened with me and last year's Allen & Ginter set. As I do every year, I went out and bought some of the new Allen & Ginter product with the intent to put the entire set together. I even did a proper (at least for me) review of what I found, had a good time with it, and planned to do it again soon.

But I pretty much stopped buying loose packs altogether last year. I finally got tired of all of the picked through, dented and mangled packs that jerks manhandle on the shelves and swore off anything that someone could hook their fingernails into. After a certain amount of time, I pretty much forgot about this set and focused on other areas of my collection. Fortunately, Blue Jays fan Robert from $30 a Week Habit came along and put a pile of 2015 Ginter cards into the massive (and mostly empty) master set bucket.


This isn't going into my Cardinals binder, but it will definitely take down my needed Keys to the City card list by one. Is this the time to admit that I've never been to the Arch? Or St. Louis, for that matter? (I've never left my mother's basement. Don't tell anyone.)

This one does go into the Holliday collection, which means I need to seek another one out. Such is life.

The Cardinals struggled with injuries last year, especially at the power positions. Brandon Moss was brought in to help, but he struggled. He was brought back for 2016 as he's still under team control, which is interesting.

The lone non-Ginter card was this much needed retail quasi-parallel from the 2014 Topps Heritage set. I'm hoping for a bounceback year from Wacha who, despite making the All-Star team, seemed to struggle with consistency especially in the second half.

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