Monday, January 9, 2017

A Glance at December's Loot

Another trip to @thelootlocker reveals another hit. 

Since I knew I wouldn't be receiving any cards as gifts this holiday season (people tend to know better than to do something like that), I purchased myself a gift once again at The Loot Locker. Here's a brief look at some of the stuff I pulled.

2016 Bowman's Best

The first pack was my first look at 2016 Bowman's Best. I hadn't really read or seen anything about this product prior to my puchase, but I was pleasantly surprised. Pulling an Alex Reyes card will do that. To check out the whole pack, head over to APTBNL.

2016 Bowman Chrome

This pretty much says it all. Huang is a 23 year-old pitching prospect from Taiwan. He spent some time with the Hillsboro Hops last season, which is now, sadly, the closest professional baseball team in proximity to Portland.

2016 Topps Chrome (x2)

I've pulled this before, but I'm sure it will make some Cubs fan (besides Twitch) happy.

These are fun looking. Do people like Kiermaier?

And this one was a double to me, but I had to scan it since it was a Cardinal card. 2 Cardinals cards pulled out of 18 is a pretty good ratio.

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The Lost Collector said...

I haven't really seen Bowman's Best either. Not too bad. I'd be interested in the Aaron Judge you posted on APTBNL if it's up for grabs.