Tuesday, January 3, 2017

'Twas the Season

Still cleaning up the wrapping paper. 

I don't get many traditional Christmas cards, but I did end up with a couple of surprise little white envelopes around the holiday from kind bloggers out there. I'm sure their generosity will be rewarded in the new year. One such holiday gift came from Trevor of Bump and Run, who included a Press Proof auto parallel of the young Cardinals prospect Luke Weaver. Weaver found his way into the rotation for 8 starts last season, and will no doubt be competing for a spot on this year's roster.

Martell Webster was plucked straight out of high school, back when they used to allow that sort of thing. Injuries more or less forced him out of pro basketball in recent years, and he's focusing on a new career in hip-hop.

Josh Huff, seen here on a gorgeous looking card from the 2014 Topps Valor set, recently got the boot from the Eagles after being arrested due to some sort of combination of guns and high speed traveling. He was quickly signed by Tampa Bay and will remain in my collections as he's also a former Duck. Hopefully he slows down and leaves the guns behind next time.

I've been working on my want lists lately and am slowly creeping up on the mid-'90s. This Stadium Club card from 1995 was missing from my collection until it was sent to me with some more fine holiday wishes by Stealing Home. (P.S. -- I am missing a lot of 1994 Fleer.)

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