Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ducks and More

Football has the longest offseason, but that's fine with me. 

Reader Brandon has exchanged cards with me a few times, and he's been able to track down some quality Quack Attack cards in the past. This time was no exception. I usually save the Ducks cards I get in trades to post on game days, but that's not always fair to do. Let's check in on some former Ducks.

De'Anthony Thomas, the diminutive back with deep ties to Snoop Dogg, has had a strange pro career so far. He's remained in the Kansas City Chiefs plans for three seasons running, but hasn't accumulated a ton of offensive opportunities on the field.

Kenjon Barner didn't pan out with the Panthers, but his former college coach Chip Kelly gave him an opportunity with the Eagles. When Kelly's own opportunity ran out, Barner surprisingly stuck with the Eagles and provided some moments last season when others were injured. He's a restricted free agent currently, but I'm hoping the Eagles bring him back.

Another small Duck back, LMJ was one of the most amazing college players I've ever seen. Although he worked out for the injury-depleted Seahawks as recently as a couple of months ago, it seems like he may be done with the NFL. There's been chatter about him getting more involved with the University of Oregon again, which is cool.

I don't give a whole lot of attention to Ducks basketball players/cards here, but that's mostly because there just haven't been a ton of players who have had a lasting role in the NBA. When you're looking at the post-junk wax era and wondering who I might collect (without flipping the cards over or doing some light Googling), you're pretty much talking about Aaron Brooks (2007-present), Joe Young (2015-present) and Luke Ridnour, who recently retired. There's been a few other guys sprinkled in there, but it's those three that have the most cards. That could certainly change next year, with as many as three Ducks players projected to be drafted.

Brandon didn't forget that I liked baseball cards, either. He sent a stack of cards for my sadly neglected 2014 Allen & Ginter collection. I need more of those!

Thanks again to Brandon. I'm hoping to get the trade gears greased and activated again soon.

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  1. Good choice on showing the Twain. Born and died on consecutive appearances of Halley's Comet.


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