Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nice Things Are Nice

No 2017 Topps will be opened here, now or ever. 

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders / Manninghams has similar collecting interests as me... just, you know, different teams. While my Ducks collection surely would be put to shame next to his Michigan treasures (not to mention the fact that it's not yet organized in any way, shape or form), I still love getting the Ducks cards in the mail as a nice change of pace from my typically baseball-centric trades.

The Detroit Tigers fan also manages to find some really nice Cardinals goodies for me, including this Statline parallel of one of my all-time favorite players (Jim Edmonds if the scan is too unclear), from 2003 Donruss Team Heroes.

I have no idea where this gloriously airbrushed card came from, but my guess is that it was some sort of promotional card included with a PC game. Did you know that Tony La Russa had a line of PC baseball simulator games? I may have known this at one point, but I am pretty sure this fun fact fell out of my brain awhile back.

Big Mac takes top billing on this goofy 2000 CD-ROM "card", which seems pretty funny considering what we know about all three of these players in 2017. I had a number of McGwire's cards (and "cards") from the 1999 PowerDeck offering, but this is my first from 2000.

This is another fine example of an early to mid 00's insert card. I love this stuff.

Finally, as usual, I like to hold out the Ducks cards for one of my weekly posts about the team during football season, but I thought I'd show a little teaser here. Look at all those autographs!

(P.S. 2017 Topps is no good! Bring back the stats, man.)


acrackedbat said...

great LaRussa oddball! and wise decision on 2017 Topps. My jumbo box was junk, right down to the smudged Nola auto.

BobWalkthePlank said...

If you want to summarize cards in the late 90's early 2000's I would use one of those Powerdeck cards.

cardboardhogs said...

have you tried the CD Rom? i missed that boat during my collecting hiatus.