Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Card I Didn't Know I Needed

But one I'm glad to have. 

While all the cool kids show off their treasures from yesterday's card shows, I have decided to go another route and post about a card I got in a Target repack: specifically, from a 1988 Sportflics pack. Doug DeCinces signed on with the Cardinals for 4 games at the end of the 1987 season, which would be his last in MLB. He played in Japan for one more professional season before hanging it up. DeCinces only has one card in a Cardinals uniform (two if you count the glossy version), a posed photo in the 1988 Fleer set and got the increasingly rare "NOW WITH CARDINALS" designation on his final Topps card.

But back to this card, and why I specifically needed it -- while all signs point to this being an Angels card, check out the logo in the upper right corner. This one is headed for the binders, folks. As a team collector, you're forced to draw some lines somewhere on what does and doesn't belong. The logo means this one stays, but 1988 Score (sadly) is out.

Interestingly enough, DeCinces got himself into a bit of hot water with some insider trading scandal recently.

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Julie Owens said...

I hope a jury finds Doug innocent. Cool addition to your binder though. I never have luck with repacks.