Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Have a Winner!

It was a close one. 

I want to extend a hearty congratulations to P00PSH00TER, who wins the big March Radness prize in a tiebreaker over akquillen (from the Tomahawk Chop blog). Yes, we knew the day was inevitable when I'd eventually have to spell out the name P00PSH00TER on this blog again, and that day is here. P00PSH00TER (that's 3 times now) and Tomahawk Chop tied in total points, so we went to a tiebreaker, with P00PSH00TER (4!) picking UNC in the final with a closer score (75-73) to the actual final (71-65) than Tomahawk Chop's prediction (78-75). The other runners-up were Bump and Run (3rd place) and Wilson (4th). The clearly deranged Erin wound up with this year's worst bracket, and she will be finding spiders in her handbag for weeks to come. If you're one of our winners, please get in touch with your mailing address as I am terrible at keeping track of these things.

Since this is a card blog, let's check out some cards, since presumably if you're still reading this you didn't win anything. Maybe next time? Way back in the winter month of January, I received some stuff from Canadian trade partner Sportscards From The Dollar Store. Court Kings seems to be the hoops version of Diamond Kings, with fancy artwork on faux-canvas cardstock. It looks good.

I don't think I've ever seen an Elite card that I really liked, but I appreciate getting new cards of The Glide.

On another outlandish Panini design, it looks like Dame is either about to get eaten by gargoyles or licked by sheep. I'm not sure which.

Hey, here's a baseball card... kind of! As much as I was excited about the Hamm cards from the First Pitch insert set in 2015, these get old rather quickly. I like Wilco and all, but Jeff Tweedy is a bit of a step down from Jon Hamm, don't you think? I pretty much took the year off from flagship Topps (something I am repeating this year), so it is nice to get ahold of any insert or parallel because I wasn't going to pull this in a pack.

Buckstorecards is your leading source for O-Pee-Chee CFL cards, which allows me to brush up on my Oregon Ducks football history. Oldham was a UO alum who won the Grey Cup with the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1973, and according to the back of the card he was known to be the fastest man in the league.

Lefty Hendrickson played tight end for the Ducks in the '60s before he made it in the CFL. A bit of Googling led me to this article from the archives.

Someone remembered that I liked the Eagles! Carson Wentz got off to a nice start as a rookie, but quickly began to struggle with the lackluster receiving corps that surrounded him. The team has made some significant moves this offseason, and it will be interesting to see how Wentz does in year two. This card is from Panini's Black Friday promotion.

I really like Jordan Matthews, but he has a share of the blame for the offense's struggles last season. (As does, probably, first year head coach Doug Pederson.) I don't know what Panini Spectra is, but they sure do make a nice and shiny dual jersey card.

Thanks again to Sportscards From The Dollar Store, and everyone who participated in this year's Radness.

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