Thursday, May 18, 2017

Might Want to Check That Twitter Name, Topps

Aledmys Diaz's 2017 @Topps card is forever linked to a random fan's Twitter. 

Of my many gripes with this year's Topps set, the addition of player's Twitter names on the back wasn't actually one of them. It might look funny a decade or so from now, but I don't mind that it gives a little bit of a personal connection to the player on the card, at least beyond just their basic bio.

Well, Twitter is not for everybody, and that apparently includes the Cardinals starting shortstop. After a bit of light Googling, I can't find any evidence that Diaz actually has a Twitter. And yet, Topps saw fit to slap some rando's Twitter name on the back of his card. Check it out, if you dare. If Diaz was going to idolize any former Cardinal enough to include it in a screen name, I would have at least expected someone more era appropriate than ol' Dizzy Dean. I mean, the man is almost too young to have seen Ozzie Smith play.


night owl said...

Wow. Apparently Diz' looks a lot like Diaz? That's a first-class screw-up.

Matthew Scott said...

hahaha. I hope they make a Bob Walk card and link my Twitter. Free publicity!

Hackenbush said...

Hmm. Very interesting!