Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Feetball from Canada

Cards from the sport people lose their minds over. 

Here's my annual-ish reminder that I'm actually a low key Philadelphia Eagles fan. If you're running out of ideas of things to send back in trades or are just wanting to mix things up a bit, I do keep a boxed, unsorted collection of Eagles cards that I started culling from my brief foray into collecting football cards in the early 90's. (They were REALLY cheap.) I'll probably never have a want list, but I did update my "Team Want Lists" page so there's an actual link behind the Eagles.

Sportscards From The Dollar Store is on to me and my alternate collecting interests, as he sent some Eagles, Ducks and even some hockey (Blues) cards my way recently. Let's check out a few.

Randall is my all-time favorite football player, which coincided with my amped up interest in video games in the early '90s and his on field exploits as a truly exciting player in a league whose default setting is usually pretty close to boring. I was even heavily invested in his late '90s comeback with the Vikings, probably because I was unemployed at the time and letting men on TV and radio shout at me about sports a lot in those days. I will eventually have my Cunningham collection online. There's not much to speak of it yet, although I am a proud owner of both his rookie card (1987 Topps!) and a larger framed reproduction of said card.

Jonathan Stewart is in his 10th NFL season, which makes me feel really old. He rushed for -4 yards last week against the Eagles. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to run backwards, but his stats declare otherwise.

Like Stewart, LeGarrette Blount is another former Oregon Duck running back who has lasted much longer than your average pro player. Blount is actually on the Eagles this year, which I'm pretty excited about.

This might be my first Topps Finest NFL card (check the protective layer, guys). Mark McMillian was actually born out of the Tecmo era, as I believe he was on the roster in the 16-bit Tecmo Super Bowl III (under an assumed identity.)

Random Blues Card Alert! I have no idea who this is, but it's impressively dorky and cool at the same time.

Okay, back to football. Dave Tobey rounds out the post, a former Duck linebacker seen in CFL gear here.

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Fuji said...

A. Every season, I become a bandwagon Eagles fan for two games. Game #1 = when you play the Cowboys in Dallas. Game #2 = when you play the Cowboys in Philly.

B. I loved watching Randall Cunningham when he was with the Eagles (no so much when he was with the Vikings). Always been a fan of guys who could run or throw the ball.