Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mostly Old Blazers

Style, Style, Style. 

The Blazers have hit a bit of a rough stretch of late, which immediately followed an encouraging stretch (4-1 road trip!) This is pretty much par for the course for the Blazers in the past few seasons, so it's probably nothing to get too bent out of shape over. Some additional injuries hit the team last night, and so did the reality that this team is still very much caught in the middle between being a contender and rebuilding. I thought I'd show off a few (mostly) old Blazers cards I received recently from Billy of Cardboard History while I fire up the ESPN Trade Machine in my brain.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim, a former All-Star, spent a season-and-change in a Blazers uniform in an era that will be mostly forgotten. He came in during the last days of the Jail Blazers, was injured a bit, but didn't really rock the boat as I recall. He was mostly a decent scorer and solid player, if a somewhat forgettable one.

Dame stands out as the current Blazer in this post. He's shown here on one of those Panini Father's Day promotional cards. Lillard is the longest tenured Blazer, along with Meyers Leonard. I probably need a lot more Lillard cards. I don't think I have enough.

Zach Randolph is still around, folks. One of the last remnants of a bygone era of NBA basketball where final scores were routinely in the 80s and 90s, Z-Bo is the leading scorer of an NBA team in 2017. Well, okay, the Sacramento Kings are awful.

Like all good blog posts, this one is ending with Sheed. I would tell you the name of this set, but the card itself is practically screaming it out. Card don't lie.


  1. Saw Abdur-Rahim play a few times during his time at Cal and started collecting him during the mid 90's. I still probably have 50 to 100 of his rookie cards stashed away somewhere. Shame they're practically worthless.

  2. I hope more than just those four were new to you, lol. That Lillard card came to me from Wes's World Cup of Trading. He sent me two so I sent one to you.

  3. My "old" comment was basically referring to the players not being around anymore. There were actually something in the neighborhood of 30 cards that I needed. Thanks!

  4. Always liked Abdur-Rahim but he definitely had his better days on other teams. Nice cards. Thanks for the post.


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