Thursday, March 29, 2018

Contest Update!

And a baseball card because it's Opening Day. 

A couple of updates here. You may recall that I had difficulty getting rid of the top prize in my last contest, so I opened the thing up and held a mini contest (a meta contest?) where I gave away the contents minus any cards I need. It turned out that the only card I needed was this Yadier Molina Legends in the Making card, which is very topical right now because he literally just hit a 2-run bomb off the left field foul pole at Citi Field.

Finally, March Radness has been... interesting. Somehow, I didn't math right and incorrectly calculated that I had already won "worst bracket". As it turns out, it is still an open competition, with Jeff's "One Man's Junk Bracket" currently sitting in the driver's seat, with 490 points and zero PPR (possible points remaining). I think. I didn't figure this out correctly last week, so I could be talking nonsense. Big time Giants fan ARPSmith44 is the overall leader. He is looking for Kansas to win to take away the top prize. I've traded with him before, so I'm not worried about him claiming his prize if he wins it.


  1. Nice to hear I am leading, however with the craziness of this year’s March Madness it might be an indication of how little I know about college hoops!

  2. Combine watching zero college basketball games with picking schools by favoritism instead of strength and you get my bracket.


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